Saturday, December 26, 2015

i'm not even me

i am NOT misunderstood! i'm not even allowed to be me and i don't care because i'm not even right that much. i actually HATE "Annie" rice, i mean Rand--i used to have one of her typewriters, she called it Remington Bear. and it shot hate.  somebody out there wants us helots to survive on droppings and wet napkins we can suck the nutrients out of if we're really that hungry.  somebody wants us to rely on the charity of pathogenetic malevolulumants....preggers queens to us worker ants replacing us every four seconds: ohhh-uhnt! can't you HEAR me?  i despair. cause or symptom. they're both evil. so we only treat one of them: with mollyfliers and sugar creamers on pogo schticks...that bounce our brains into oblivia, Olivia. 
   we spray the humans playing in the street but leave the mosquitos waving in the wind...with our words...and answers of course, Bobby.
   evil is live spelled backwards.  but every body forgets.
   so all we gotta do is reverse course: the first million you make you can keep, the next BILLION goes to the people [for all their contributions over the eons that you climbed up on to get to your big castle at the Cliff bar.  then, and ONLY THEN, you get to keep your ill-gotten gains.  every other billion.  and we shall tax all assets from 1 to 5% depending if they have water.
    then we shall give to everywoman over 18 2,000 a month, US, to pay for her new roof or running water, which we the peephole shall control for the good of all. and her chickens and a garden, sewer systems designed to separate waste from the rest of us.
    i love the anti-christ by the way, because the Light would not even show up without the darkness already there giving great back story. LIKE BEHIND EVERY GREAT FORTUNE LIES A CRIME: so quit worshipping these criminals! esp. the religious liars and children's brain washing scribblers.
    this dance is not over it has just begun.
    and i am not the only one. who feels anything.
    we must find the other: not kill them from 30,000 feet.
money is what they worship in the temples: except when you are in nature's temple where money is an invasive species.
obama is worrying over who to pardon and who to kill and he forgets that money is an illusion so everyone who stole it is illusory and a fool for that so should by that qualification alone join us all free and clearly self-abusive without any outside help thank you ver' much! let everyone go who did not hit or kill. and replace them with all the generals who surely did...
[along with that marine sniper i had to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with]
semper fee fi fo' wha?

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