Thursday, January 6, 2011

Born again jealousies: 1-1-11
We gotta wonder if the born agains aren’t cheering these days. The old end of the world meter must be closing in on midnight.
Birds are dropping out of the sky all over the world. Fish are bubbling up dead in Arcandsaw (although someone could have had a meth kit accident.)
Haiti is sick and homeless and starving again—what keeps the uber alles rich alive in that country? Huh.
The usual starvation and disease is everywhere. More wars in places no one can even get to…and for no reason. Suicides are up. Business is down. Education is too expensive…although some say it was never worth that much anyway—I know mine wasn’t worth the time. You cannot cram knowledge into your brain—one has to live it in.
But what for if the planet is gonna burn—or whatever way they predict it?
I bet the Southern Convention is jealous. Hey! He’s taking the birds up first! [Although it is nice to know he’s not so interested in their bodies—we don’t need those good ol’ homie asses up in Heaven. In Heaven everyone should have a nice ass or a virtual one that others can fantasize on.]
If he takes me I’m going in as a dancer, female, slinky with a nice face and no brain…I just wanna have fun! There are no hangovers in Heaven.
I gotta wonder tho’ why he’s taken fish…eeewwww! I’ve kinda wondered how people can eat fish for so long and to see God actually calling ‘em up…well, I guess He loves all his creatures. But black birds!
What’s He doing with that scene? There are so many pretty ones out there. Oh, I get it…black birds singing in the dead of night!!!
Well, gotta go now, and wash up. It’s a lotta hard work being a dancer…but maybe in heaven you can just eat off the fat……