Thursday, November 20, 2014

Analysis of the Angels, of Love and Death.  Slow but sure.  But you know that? What about the kids?
grumpy old men notwithstanding, the heat is on.  and/or up.  The Heat is arming not to defend us from the heat, but to beat us up if we squeal.
Adding fuel to that fire is the fact that climate is changing and has already changed.  The ocean is more acidic--we don't have to guess too hard to figure out where that came from.   Coral died to warn us decades ago.   now will come any shelled animals, including plankton.   whales eat these.   i forget the name. it's krill. aspen are still moving north but too slow to escape their beetles.  same with pines.
    burning has been a human endeavor for centuries if not eons.
    is it too hard for you to figure out how global warming can create high snow in New York?
well, when it's hotter more water evaporates: that's maybe why the oceans won't rise 40 feet like Al Gore said.  water can remain in the atmosphere.  until it can't anymore.   then it whirls up a low (heavy) air force that begins to spin out of control.  it sucks up energy and grows into a small or massive climate change and blows civilization into the next nightmare.  it makes messes.  in excesses.   it is not as gentle as before.  and the runoff includes crops and dusters, ships and low-hanging fruit of once pretty sea shores, gold courses, fisheries, and ports.  so does mankind cause it?  could it be coming from the sun...or god...or some uncounted cycle?  no matter.  we have the power to adjust to it to diminish its power no matter what the cause.  if we take out CO2 from our atmosphere it will be reduce the water in the air no matter what those other so-called possibilities do.
    if we can go electric from solar and wind, could there be any harm?  when the world health is at stake people argue about the remedy?!   i'm not shocked, but dismayed.  sit upon some hill over-looking your city at rush hour, pick a rooftop.  you will see the barrels of oil rolling by.   for one thing, it cannot last forever.
    so improve the batteries.  yes.  but we'll still need some gas for jet planes.  if we want to travel.  let's just cut back.  China is coming up and they'll want drive-in movies!   they must go solar.  they already control the cellular part of the industry.  so they're in.
    natural gas is not so bad, as a transition and for cooking.  it does not spread cancer all over the food.   why not?
    why not escape from coal?  just in case.  it's filthy anyway.
    we need to save every endangered species we can.   which one will be the end-trigger?  my guess is plankton.   not so much trees.   there are trees that can live in foul air.   eucalyptus for example.  and palms.   the jungles are also shrinking, which kills all life.   once the spongey soil is replaced with dead zones life moves on to another zoo.   this one is called Earth, shrinking even as our stupidity over-populates it more and more.   who says not to use condoms: the catholic church, and Islam, wherever more warriors are needed.   nice job by self-serving religions.
    there is little chance in this scenario that the meek will ever inherit the Earth if there remains anything of value to inherit.
    one more idea: do not be alarmed.  oh go ahead...shiver with fear. what if something triggers IMMEDIATE global warming of 5-6 degrees?   AND both the arctic and antarctic melt in one year?   the glaciers all melt.  and 90% of that water goes into the air?  as water for rain  creating more low pressure zones for ever-greater storms of destruction of life-giving rain?  What if in two years, all the cities under 10 feet elevation get crushed by giant waves?
    will we see martial--read fascist--law?  is that why the arming of police forces everywhere with military equipment?
    is this how we wish to cure over-population?
will we actually have to worship the rockefellers rothschilds and morgan and duponts and lady beatrix who owns 21% of Shell, or will be able to pray to the corpos for our daily bread?  justa couple bucks at the door.