Wednesday, November 11, 2015

ice melts: FYE*

....if you take an ice cube and put it in a glass, put a plate on the kitchen counter, put a saucer on the plate, put the glass on the saucer almost full of water--DO NOT spill--then take a nice tight pourer cup like a measuring cup and finish filling the glass to the point where the water's surface tension holds it in very slightly over the lip of the glass:
   then you leave it alone for a few hours you will see what melting ice does if it is floating in the ocean. like the Arctic.
   the water level will drop ever so slightly, more if the air is warm since some will evaporate.
NOW take the same glass, start over, fill it up same way with NO ICE cubes in it.
then DROP some ice cubes into the water and watch it overflow;
this is ice falling off of a continent or a large island, or glaciers sliding into the sea.  like Greenland.

Gore said sea level will rise 40 feet.  he's an ass.
now we have a new report about ice on the Antarctic ice shelf, falling into the ocean.  but that ice is floating on a frozen ocean for the most part.  the ocean is thawing, so it will sink some.  how much i don't know because no one has measured how thick the frozen ocean is!!!
you cannot just drop a lead weight on a rope into solid ice!!!
however, apparently Amsterdam--which is already under water--does not give a hoot.  Royal Dutch Shell just woke up to getting out of the Arctic.  too hard, they said.  after all this screaming shit they caused.  up in Port Angeles, and the Olympic River near Portland?  i think that was the bridge deal with bodies hangin' in their way...fro bungee cords
what asses!
this does not stop Shell from trying to become Mean Ol' Dirty Frisco's Sustainable Energy Czar: which they just lost for some reason finally reason.
and yet, The Queen of Holland, Ms Beatrice can sleep well at night knowing that her 21% share of Shell is safe since they are trying to move the Dakota oil frack, crack head from there to Seattle for export.  good luck with that. it seemed for asecond that maybe just maybe Scott Weiner was not bribed to get this done but that maybe shell was serious about wind and solar and life on this planet...but naw...
let Amsterdam drown, it's alreadY below SEA LEVEL
    IF THE LEVIES BREAK, they can move to Switzerland.  yeah, that's it.  It's about time the cheap ass Swiss let in some refugees.  Dutch girls aren't bad.
    i guess my next really big question is, where's Bengla Desh gonna move?

*for your entertainment