Friday, September 16, 2011

jimmy's list

Jimmy’s list: a pool you might have missed under the radar to dive into on lost nights:
0. Margaret: this is already under-rated. Maybe the most under-rated of all time. Considering the quality and depth of the acting. Prepare for emotions. I never wanted it to end. A new standard of movie honesty has been revealed...and no one knows. Perfect for the jimmy list...tha's wha' i'm talkin' about.
1. 11:14
2. Bandit Queen,
3. Betty Blue,
4. Baraca,
5. Babette’s Feast,
5a. The Boxer,
6. Brothers.
7. Babel, ....all these B-movies on the A-list.
7a. Bullets over Broadway Best of Woody: he's not in it. A first?
8. Y Tu Madre Tambien, Cuaron rises to Innuratu level here.
9. Amores Perros, great dog fights.  just kidding too many dogs were killed...just kidding.  only people were killed.
10. 21 Grams,
11. Talk To Her. [or anything by almodovar, Including women on the verge of a nervous breakdown.]
12. Salaam Bombay: boy survives being lost in Bombay far from home. Could you?
13. Little Big Man,          from novel by Thomas Berger
14. Dances with Wolves  try to fond the 4 hour versions with dramatic love scenes once deleted and more. Upset winner improbablew savior of studio and actor/director, of 3500 buffalo, 500 extras and summer /winter in Dakato for real life horse would have blown me away.
15. Neighbors By T. Blake director. Get 1981 movie with Belushi and Ackroyd. althouygh i liked the Seth roen one (2014) with Byrne that sassy Aussie chick comedienne.
16. Next 3 from Ireland:
My left foot.
The Connections,
In America.
6. Bonfire of the Vanities [only if you read the novel first.]
7. The Girl in the Cafe  7.a. Sincerity and talking truth to power alters plans of World Bank.
8.   Grand Central,
8a. Grand Canyon,
8b. Laurel Canyon.
9a. The Green Wall
9b. Fried Green Tomatoes,
9c. The Scent of Green Papaya
10. Kite Runner
11. The Stoning of Soraya M.
12. Colma, the Musical.
13. Mystic River [pretty pop big movie for this list…anyway, good.]
14. Hobson’s Choice
15. Sideways [saw this one 6 times, can’t wait for more…]
16. Junebug. Amy Adams debut.
17. Gallipoli, Rabbit Proof Fence, Lantana.  Al Aussies. Add in one more i forgot about a transvestite in the desert.
18. Two Women, Malena, Woman in Berlin.  and and end to war, please!
19. red rock west
20. A Night Around the World, best taxi movie ever.  hilarious.
21. Seven Samarai, classic Japanese study on violence.
21a. Magnificent Seven, same as above in wild west US.
21b. The Unforgiven, Eastwood gets real.
22. Noises Off: hilarious British fart, i mean farce.
23. Celebrity, Woody writes a movie to make out with Elizabeth Shue, whom i love more than he ever could.
24. Realm of the Senses, oh c'mon, take it ALL OFF!
25.  A Simple Plan and a not simple end.
25a. Blood Simple
26. Pieces of April: best thanksgiving movie.
27. Monster Ball halle makes love to me in the form of Billy bob thornton.
28. Sweet Hereafter: daring and deep and meaningful story by an indigenous person writer, damn i can't remember.  oh yeah, Russel Banks.  oh, him.  this is serious folks.
29. Home for the Holidays
30. Dancer in the Dark [Bjork]
31. The Harder They Fall [jimmy cliff]
32. TSOTSI, which means thief in Zulu.
33. Zulu, which proves the Zulu did not have rifles.
34. Maria Full of Grace
35. Sin Nombre, kill me too/also/again.
36. The Road
37. a. Red, b. White, c. Blue
38. Before Sunrise/After Sunset
39. Gilbert Grape
40. The Graduate/Easy Rider: iconic generation formations.
41. Amalie: dances with doors.
42. Toulouse Latrec, becasue short people don't got no...
43. Camille Claudel (About Rodin’s sculptress g.f.) who is so much better than that fraud...i do not trust that man.  no no don't let him.....ohhhh.....
44. Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, or 45.
45. [Almodovar…anything by this voice of Modern Spain, like Talk to Her.]
46. Medicene for Melancholy
47. Ray, by Jamie Fox
48. Edith, by Marion Cotillard
49. City of God, City of Hope, City of mutha phuck da mutha phuck for da mutha phucka mutha phucks you.
50. Zabriskie Point, Grosse Point, Point Blank, the Point After, Turning Point.  you tell me, what's the point?
51. Thelma and Louise, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Spring Breakers!
52. Network
53. Mildred Pierce
54. The Postman Always Rings Twice: any version.
55. Bugsy Malone, Little Man Tate, the Accused--all Jodie all the time,  perfectly.
56. Anniversary Party, Wedding Party.  So far apart, how could i juxtapose these filmatic miracles.
57. Mystic Café
58. Natural Born Killers--try not to find Juliette Lewis in this one.
59. Body of Lies, Decaprio and Crowe in a mid-east thriller.
60. Mondo Cane/Mondo Patzo, older glories al la Baraca.  See Baraca, where the baby chickies come rolling down the slide into the ckicken soup life they will live.  it's so BEEE ute i full.
61. Mississippi Masala: so can a black man marry a gorgeous Indian girl in MS.ippi, why? When California is only a couple days' honeymoon away, and Oakland, Watts, and Compton.  she be queen and yo uand i can bleed all over this so sad, maybe i pull it.
62. The Gayle from Kansas/Brian’s Song, for Bears' fans and the art of running.
63. I need more secret sleepers, dark horse entries, and ringers. OK:
64. The Reader,      all 4 are German and you VELL enjoy der fraulein.
65. Lives of Others,
66. A Woman in Berlin,
67. Run Lola Run.
68. Winter’s Bones, another young actress shows off. in her first one.
69. A Year of Living Dangerously
70. Natural Born Killers or anything with Juliette Lewis
71. Loose Change/911 Research/WTC7—free from google
More to come…
72. Eroica. The story of Beethoven's 3rd. Amazingy simple poetic and beautiful.
73. The Sessions, so Hellen hunt haed to go full frontal to make this list.  you will cry ar how stupid yo have been about sex until after this.
74. Sicario: best shoot 'em up so far i ever saw.  so real you will shiver.  no mre guns, please
75. Something About Mary: just to recover from the above thank you.
76. did i say SIDEWAYS? my pick for funniest movie ever, of course. if you are a femme you get Paul Giamatti, and i get Virginaia Madsen, whom i am planning on marrying in 2017, after i get rich and famous for my gorgeous hairless head.
77. mealancholia. whoops melon cholic,ca.
78. Margaret: got to mention this twice since you won't finish it unless you die there. so do not die.
79. Take This Waltz: if you like to hear Sarah Silverman cry out for love and watch Michelle Williams find some? or if you only want them to take a nude shower with you for 15 minutes or until you get used to seeing them both naked washing off all the men they've known.
80. i think that might be 100. but i won't stop i can't stop and i'm gonna ad in one more by michelle williams, who i'm gonna marry right after i dump Virginia madsen and juliette lewis who scares me anyway.
and non one ever went to see Meeks Cutoff which is as close to her as you will ever get.

i hate to end on a boring sleepy but true life really interesting and uneventful and beautifully somewhat terrifying film like Blair Witch Project which was also a terrifying movie.  i'm not listing The Blair Itch, sorry, i hated Blair's Bitch, plus The Lair Nitch projector that kept breaking down...and also the couple who were gonna drown the whole friggin' movie and DID...which i forgot. On purpose.  Because i wanted them to....die.  i'm so sorry....and i also love chicken soup.  chicken anything really.  and a toothpick.  get to know one before you judge me.
later gator.
i'm gone
out here