Sunday, November 17, 2013

Racist disasters:

The mildness of this type of analysis helps to explain the word with regard to standard journalistic practices: ANAL-isis.   This is a disease that fails to include any form of certitude in blaming those who have the power for not having used it to aid or protect their own constituents, not to mention as in the case of China and Warren Buffet, Peabody and the greedy clowns of Wyoming with their 2 mile coal trains destined to Bellingham and Shanghai, and of course the Koch Bros, who want to saturate the world with CO2 as thick as they possibly can.   Can we at least pay attention to this absurd phenomena?   it is obvious that greed plays, and pays it's part, but more than that is this latent unmentionable RACISM...that becomes even more strident when one learns that Daddy Kock was the founder of the John Birch Society, the last descendent of the Ku Klux Klan...or are we afraid of lawsuits when we mention these supportive arguments.
      If this had happened anywhere WHITE there would have been immediate electrolysis machines sent in, and steak dinners from the Outback, gift packs from Macy's for perfume to cover up the (temporary) stench.   one chopper per family.  gift cards for Big Macs made on food trucks, in competition with Wndy's and Burger kings like KFC...and free Kock Coke for everyone making over 100,000 a year.
      Let's take statistical look.  Name the areas of weather disasters for black or brown peoples: Haiti, Sri Lanka, Aceh, Philippines, Bengla Desh, Somalia, the entire Sahel, Central America, including Honduras, Belize, NOLA, Rockaway Beach NY, droughts in S. India, floods in Pakistan, as well as coincident(?) economic damage in all places not white, like the inner cities of America, including untoward lies and stress in Japan and China.   China is the master of Dead Zones, having killed all their rivers and almost all the fish in the China Sea.
     There is more.   But let's think a bit here.   We know or should have heard that most famines are man-made and man remedial.   We know the rich white nations are stealing the resources of the 3rd or brown world, as always, and will leave nothing to support the masses who are being ripped off.   The leaders of those poor benighted nations, not "developing," are criminals, but at least they're our criminals.
       WE, the white citizens of this tired old planet are simply bad Samaritans.
       And not to be trusted--that's for sure.