Friday, February 26, 2010

Pubic option the excuse for no option?

The "option" we need and should be talking about is the "private" option.
The whole, the base should be the public option as in what we really want.
The public option is still only a vague term for a weak cop-out on the universal single payer thang. We have to reverse the context: universal heath care shall include a PRIVATE option for those who are sure they want to pay through the nose to some avaricious health INSURANCE corp for the right to be turned down when they are sick. that will always be their option. let birds of a feather go flock themselves together. the rest of us will have our medicene as we like it: with no denial between us and our doctors (who we can put through medical school for free from now on...if we will simply quit starting wars all over the place.)
To get started:
We could just lower the age qualification for medicare to fetus and be done with it like every other major, not minor, nation of the world. Costa Rica has better health care than we do...Canada seems to, and, for sure, France does, and Sweden, Finland, UK, Germany...but not all are alike. Japan has universal HC. Talk about Africa, China, India, nothing.
But hey! We COULD give every american the same health care as our soldiers IF we pulled them out of our current misadventures. It's the old story of swords vs. syringes, soldiers vs. surgeons.
One thing more: if some believe that private insurance is better, that choice could remain an option.
So why don't we create universal public health care with a private option?
(c) j.mankind 2/2-10 and thanks)