Friday, November 20, 2015

There is nothing one person can do to stop this mindless slaughter in the world of Islam.  Our .gov started it--this time.  but asking us to DO something, is like asking a prisoner in Guantanamo (el Guantanamero!) when's he comin' home.
    So this is how far we've come from democracy here at home.  remember how Bush used bring democracy to the Moslems as an excuse for killing them? no.  maybe not.  better happier, i'm told just to forget about it.  be happy, don't worry.  god will stop us from ending the world--unless she so pissed off at this mistaken genetic glitch she created she;ll just let us exterminate ourselves...

...if one person could impose an arms embargo i would have done it back when i was 10.  (since there have been wars all my life--i'm sick of it.)
    vote for Gandhi? now, there's a stretch.  no more than the idea of placing an arms embargo!  what?   without a shot being fired? i suppose they'll all just lay down and take the offered bungalow in Detroit or somewhere? these are ideas the US .GOVcan do.  but won't.
    don't forget the US MIC controls the US and the US controls the world, almost. and wants to get it all.  there will be no arms embargos anywhere.  even teen agers have access.  despair reigns.  oh joy!
    if you go over there and try to initiate the ideas you have you will die.  good luck.
    inviting Russia to help is probably the best way out.  looks like Obama is no longer enamoured by his proxy strategy.  he should have asked us first. anyone can see that arming a proxy army of volunteer maniacs, make that gory, horny maniacs, would be easy under Islam. the problem --never discussed-- is what comes after. after school, so to speak.
    well, in this case we can make friends with Putin as soon as they both realize they are bros of the sword.  maybe Obama can teach him a jump shot as they cavort on the court, and Putin can teach Obewan the fine art of killing with yer hands.
    there is movenet in that match up.  team game stuff.  let's invite China next. no one wants to be using the oil anymore anyway.  let's let China do it.
     what a hoot?  we should've left Russia in Afghanistan long ago (14 years after Charlie famous war)
tell them all to have fun, and begin to use the money for universal single payer health care, and free tuition through graduate school.  2,00 a month for every woman over 18 world wide.
     let's make some friends.  and retire all our stupid generals who know nothingmore than how to make war make more wars, to goat ranches in tierra del fuego, down there past the Nazis we liberated from justice.  also.