Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday 2-18-10

[the enemy is complacence. you are a sleep-walking materialist. if you have a warm bed in your place by the Bay you are happy. should your streets run red with blood--and there will be blood--you stay home and play music. to you, music is just another blanket.]
i dropped out. i took acid. i got caught in a terrible snow storm. I moved to Haiti and opened a frozen yogurt stand. jimmy's chimis. it took off. i met some woman on the internet from santa barbara on green singles while lonely there last summer.
she was shocked i had sold my car.
[i was shocked that today Obiwan--you are our only hope--just gave Tibet to China. What do we get? Haiti? Well, let's do a better job: and set it free. Yesterday, Obiwan gave 8 billion more to nuclear energy (what the world needs now.)]
i even told her it was only an experiment. i tried to explain in that in SF, like in other big cities, NEW York, Chicago, people did not have cars as much. because there would be no parking wherever you might go. and if you had a spot you would think twice before leaving it. (i've belonged to Car Share for two years and haven't even used it yet.)
she said she needed her car. she would use it to clear her mind when she got, i dunno, uptight. she would just jump in her car and go for a ride sometimes, way out into the desert and sit on a rock or have beer in some satanist cult bar or coffee shop out at some cat-killer junction Manson family-worshipping shrine...i dunno. and come home refreshed.
i was appalled. this on Green Singles. Car Therapy. really. get a gerbil. a love bird. a monkey.
one puppy can change a life.
what ever happened to: take a walk?!
what do you do when gas hits $4.69 a gallon?
i tried to explain. she was negative. i said bye. see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya...
now i get you. [clean coal.]
you send me all this great stuff. it's a good step. everyone has to pass through the space where you are. you go grrrl! we need spiritual cleansing. the new age oneness. sure.
And i agree with the idea of it. we should adopt haiti. But first we need regulations. day time stop signs--when people are present. like the 15 mph in front of schools.
we don't get to take out the kids whenever we want.
but blinking yellows at night at Sahara Desert crossroads. c'mon. how much conditioning can a driver take? Citizen.
what you offer is warm and fuzzy, BUT, it is not formed into a mission. and probably never will be. There are laws you will need to change: Zoning. you want to grow nutria? LOL you go, grrrl!
right now we got to get out of our cars. we need to put electric turbines on every roof. vertical cylinders, not propellers. they won't let us. PG&E wants to control our every shiver.
Southern (electric) Comp convinced Obama that hope we can believe in includes nuclear energy.
There is resistance. but it's a fact: Mush does the same thing. hot mush under ground can warm, but not heat yer home. Instead we get neo-nazi socialized nuclear owned by rich guys in dark suits with Haitian girls waiting at home. with loan guarantees by us who already guarantee Iraq, as if we need that mess on our table. France sends it's nukulage waste to the North Sea toilette so Norway can eat it via their herring. ohhhhh...
your spiritual group has to pick a material world FIGHT! the time for prayerful conversation is over. let's socialize/super size Wall St. all one bank like Broner's soapbox. A-1 Bank for real instead of bia(bancos in action)/CIA interlocking directorates. how about non-corporate government banks like government airports or steets or post offices or police stations or clinics in Haiti. where you just walk in and nobody gets to know yer name unless you got a bullet hole.
[what is the Blue Cross/Blue Shield/Anthem/Health Net/HCA presence in Haiti at this time?]
who shows up when you need help? isn't a loan a kind of help?! Help!
how to fight? information. sorry information upsets you. it is not MY information. i simply find it. and dispense it. and i will fictionalize it until it becomes common knowledge. and i will project it onto my stories and poems until it becomes a living mythology. the mythology of the real reality. because there are powerful people lined up against our children and grandchildren and the planet...who ridicule the concept of Gaia. Imagne their organisms!
if saving the planet is too complex, then people. there are people out there whose lives are rotting. save them. but remember...polar bears eat seals adn seal eat herring too just like neo-Vikings...with their prettydaughtersmarried to rich golfers and their bankers.
Holistic means everything. eclectic. Rape and love and art and childbirth and war and peace and murder and hope. obesityand hunger. all of it comes to us side by side. secrets from the public sector. [what up wit dat?] not to talk about any of it is to blinder oneself against all of it. this is the world. "we are the world" the song says. so we have to decide. we are deciduous. but we have to know first...what to cut.
or we'll drop our leaves in summer and try to grow 'em in winter.
i am so tired of being defensive and cautious. i have tried hard to find the courage to speak the truth to power and i'm not going to back down now. so if you can't take it, let me go. nag not. i'm not waiting for drags to let go of their selves anymore. i, too, need a push. i make a very weak Quixote. Dorothy is stronger than I am. i am the Tinman.
so we're just another g'bye and g'luck.
the bad guys will not succumb to wimps. this evolution will be bloody. wee will bathe in it, and piss inthe tub.
do you know, e.g., that our government actually flew Duvalier's haute couture wife out of Haiti to Paris? we backed both papa doc and baby doc Duvalier for twenty years. our marines set the stage for their coming by organizing the nat'l guard, for the 20 years prior to Papa Doc, which became the "ton ton macoute". it's all our fault, because our parents did not notice. it was too dirty and it made them uncomfortable. The Duvaliers were the saddamhussein's of el Caribe. the other half of an island was run by Porfirio Diaz. i remember him. he rode a horse. there was a booze named White Horse. they were friends of ours--the saying, "but he's our dictator." was born here...
and now Haiti is the canary in the coal mine for the whole world. this tiny neighbor: if we cannot save freedom and democracy in Haiti, we can not do it any place.
and that means Malalai Joya is right when she says she'd rather fight for her own democracy than anything we can give to her. no one can impose da-mock-racy. it don't stick like oil does.
so thanks for inspiring me with your head in the sand. you look good that way, speaking through your butt...and hiding from the news. i'm saying it loud and saying it proud.
best i can. the Upper Ten Thousand own all the land and half the peephole.
eat the rich.
rant on:
how about an asset tax? let's replace the noisome nuisance that is the income tax [only the poor pay it anyway] with an asset tax. one that balances the budget year by year. the worse the budget, the more we take from them.
whoops, is this it?
who's calling?!
here they come!
jimmy out
da back....