Sunday, November 5, 2017

i always wanted to write a back story novel....please don't tell anyone about this novel idea. i want to try it and be the first to fail.  no one will buy it. anyway. they'll scoff:
where does it go? they'll ask. who cares about his fictional guy who was born grew up so what and went to high school in communist china and got caught up is a sweep by young reds and put in soliltary for 1,000 years of cryogenic experiments using kryptonite and by hard work became a neo-action hero who can kill you with his thoughts.  OMG. end. of. story.
    but wait! then what? you go guy! grrrl! write what he does with that and Voila! you have comic book.  sorry, "that's all folks."
of course, if yu skip the back story yu got superman. in chinese, with a 1.5 BILLION readers.  oh never mind.
    i'll do it myself.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

i thought the game was over.

when i woke up this mornin’...i thought the game was over.

when i woke up this mornin’ hurt somewhere indecipherable to turn my ass from right to left.
when i got up this mornin’ knees went ouch! as i rolled up outa bed like i done a couple dozen thousand days before... yeah...
then i looked in the mirror to find out i was uglier than yesterday,
no where near 21 anymore.
when i woke up this morning i was old. 
so i went out for breakfast, like i did so many times before.
and the place was Saturday morning at a home away from home called Tyger’s Restaurant...full of mom’s and dad’s with little kids in tow.
as i observed the flow of life coming up through the dream s and needs and wants i remembered days gone by…

it was the children: same as always.  no change there. 
(or do they know somehow that this is an emergency
--they’ll of course not have the words for)?
they came in in waves...i enjoyed the sweet parade.
i forgot that i was too old when i woke up this mornin.
and i felt i had time on my side.
my mind rolled back to yesterdays long gone.
and i thought there might be only two things you might 
want to say 
to yourself 
when you feel old and tired (and in the way.)

first: that it’s good to think you don’t want this to stop.
second: you would not at all mind to play this one over
again from start to finish up to 
what’s yet to come.

when i woke up this mornin’ 
i had no idea i’d feel so young:
when i woke up this mornin’…
when i thought the game was over.
now the BEST day of my life.
my play at life was a simple string of miracles
no doubt...i was confused a lot.
miracles aren’t that easy to digest.
to wrap your baby brain around.
you guess.
and each day is blessed
with truth and love and fear of failure
when all you get is this.
tomorrow never gets here.
it’s just another splendid 
way to play.
up there, over those mountains. once so dark 
so foreboding.
…here comes the sun…


[this one is for meghan and the kids.]

writ may 27 2017 & i a.m.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Under Chavez—and thanks to oil prices that topped $100 a barrel—these layers were able to pursue their interests while still providing minimal social assistance programs that reduced poverty and provided housing, health care and improved education to the more oppressed sections of the population. Chavez’s death in 2013, however, was quickly followed by the plummeting of the price of oil, the commodity that accounts for 95 percent of the country’s export earnings. Since then, the economy has contracted by 27 percent, while the inflation rate, the highest in the world, is set to reach 720 percent this year, according to an estimate by the International Monetary Fund.
With vastly reduced export earnings, the government has slashed imports of foreign food, medicine and other basic necessities in order to divert dwindling reserves to meet foreign debt payments to international finance capital.
Venezuelan working people have borne the terrible burden of paying off Wall Street. Four out of five people now live in poverty, and masses are facing hunger. Recent surveys have found that nearly a third of the population now eats two or fewer meals a day—compared to 12.5 percent in 2015—and three out of four Venezuelans had lost on average 19 pounds last year.
In the face of the right-wing campaign to topple his government, on the one hand, and growing social unrest and class tensions, on the other, Maduro has turned increasingly to the military, which has always served as the principal pillar of the movement founded by Hugo Chavez, himself a former paratrooper colonel who led an unsuccessful coup in 1992.
Military officers now head up a third of the government’s ministries and make up half of the country’s governors. Key areas of the economy, including those where the most money is to be made off of corruption, have been placed under military control, including ports, food distribution and the control of foreign exchange.
Under a decree known as Plan Zamora, the Maduro government has essentially arrogated to itself the power to impose martial law, while bringing the police under the control of the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB). On Thursday it was announced that “70 vandals” arrested during a wave of looting in the state of Carabobo will be brought before military tribunals to face charges of looting and “rebellion.”
The right-wing opposition is appealing increasingly to the military to overthrow Maduro in a coup under the pretext of defending the constitution. Venezuelan right-wing opposition leader and former presidential candidate Henrique Capriles, who has demanded that the military “intervene,” claimed on his Twitter feed Friday that “85 officers of our FANB (Bolivarian National Armed Forces)” had been arrested for “having manifested their discontent.”
The New York Times, which openly supported the CIA-backed abortive coup against Chavez in 2002, published an opinion piece this week by a Venezuelan journalist, who assessed that “the possibility of a negotiated transition satisfactory to the opposition is negligible,” adding that “the alternative would be a military intervention to install a national unity government.”
Meanwhile, one of the biggest holders of Venezuelan bonds has made it clear that his firm is betting on and supporting “regime change.”
“Like most Venezuelans, we would welcome, and ultimately expect a change in regime,” Mike Conelius, who manages the $6.5 billion T. Rowe Price Emerging Markets Bond Fund, wrote investors in an email reported by Bloomberg News. The firm has posted huge profits as Venezuela has repeatedly made interest payments by slashing imports and the living conditions of masses of Venezuelan workers. It expects even richer dividends in the event of a coup against Maduro. “The cathartic moment of regime change will be quickly repriced in the market,” Conelius wrote.
Attempting to place US imperialism’s thumb more firmly on the scale, a bipartisan group of US Senators has urged President Donald Trump to intervene more aggressively against Venezuela. The Senators, who include Democrats like Hillary Clinton’s vice-presidential running mate Tim Kaine of Virginia, introduced on Wednesday the “Venezuela Humanitarian Assistance and Defense of Democratic Governance Act of 2017” to ratchet up sanctions against Venezuela and pressure on its government.
In particular, the legislation calls attention to investments by the Russian energy giant Rosneft in Citgo, the US-based subsidiary of Venezuela’s state-owned PDVSA petroleum company, describing the ties as a “significant risk to U.S. national security and energy security.”
The pursuit of a more aggressive policy against Venezuela, linked to the military buildup against Russia, would be entrusted in large measure to US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. He is the former CEO of ExxonMobil, whose predecessor company, Standard Oil, controlled Venezuelan oil production 
this one from countercurrents

Saturday, March 4, 2017

THEY SAY YOU CANNOT ARGUE WITH SUCCESS. They say failure is it's just dessert. 
but i say success is the only thing you can argue with.  since failure tends to go away by itself.

like Truth, which morphs as we learn more. the earth is flat, oops LOOKS  flat, but is round.
so. to be realistic and more efficient we should spend most of our time combating various Truths, not lies:
lies have already elected nefarious people with devious minds.  but,
we hear new alternative truths daily, promulgated by known liars,  like 
balance the budget, drain the swamp, more alligators less monkeys (even as is was the monkeys that got Mr. Skim elected), 
Mexico will pay for it: even tho' people are fleeing Mexico, because, 
it is so kleptocratic all the money is gone and the people there have so little future, that, 
they vote with their feet. And/or, lie #2, which is, 
Our defense, which is offensive, is decrepit,
even tho' we already spend as much as the rest of humanity put together (or torn asunder) 
and more! more lies! rain down, than true truths.  
fake truths are worse than fake news.  because news gets older faster.  
truths are meant to endure. lies to simply get through the moment, the moment, the moment....
In 1984 weren't lies to become truth and truth to become whatever we lie. well, it's 2017 and here we are.  
wat up wit dat?
People who cannot vote vote with their feet.  the real problem with Mexico is not here in the US.  it is in Mexico.  the cartel wars are scary. but they also destroy investment and jobs. the battles wipe out funds for education, and the people have no health care. indios are shunned by society, and mestizos are denigrated.  only the upper criollo class has any say or assets or equity in econ 101 or .gov or the church.  go to the Zocalo and see the 4 branches of  control uber alles there.  prez, la camera, corte, and church.
    meaning the people are outnumbered 3 to 1.  the austerity of NOPE is normal in Mexico. any trety made with that nation is made with kleptocrats who steal everything from the land and people. every opportunity is subsumed to the rich.  even home loans are a recent invention there. maybe 50% loan to value. it takes years for theaverage man to build his home, step by step.  one, foundation, if yo can own the land free and clear title. next year, walls, third year roof, then you put the oldest boys there to guard the property as if it was a home. because the next things to come will be stolen if left out.
themaquiladora idea died out in murder capital of the world Cuidad Juarez.  1,000 young women disappeared. some at least in weird ceremonies in circles in the desert. torture cases, rape and murder.
   corruption in police and gov't officials, la morbid as a way of life, equal to our "grease" or Indian baksheesh, etc.
   work in Juarez or here, where care and law and salaries are more or less guaranteed.  Seattle @ $15 an hour vs. Mexico @ $15 a day being a good job.
   theidea of NAFTA told to the rest of us, was to make Mexico like the USA, but it had the reverse effect.  could that be so stupid? as the creators of our treaties are Ivy League stooges of Rockefellers and Rothschilds and how could these emperors and lackeys make such egregious mistakes....unless they did it on purpose.
    oh so sorry .  my bad.  how could it say such a thing?
    and Ukraine is NOT a CIA/US state dept. color revolt gone bad.  it's come to this: skinhead proxies. and fake walls.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

do you ever, ever wonder?

   Is this cogent to you? are you sure? are you convinced or dubious? do you wake up somber or rejoicing? is it possible we are on a road to mass suicide? do we wonder?
are we lucky to be here? or are we captives? do we seek enlightenment or are we satisfied? where is god in all this? is god the same as nature? is nature pissed off at this it's premier award-winning species? or do we quake at quail? do we know when we win the rat race we are still rats?
with all this talk do we even know what love is? is love selfish? is love a giving gift a piece of kindness wafting on our minds and never acted upon?
how big can love grow? past one person, past a child. into planet and nature and oceans and mountains and past greed and theory? into actions and fact?
what about equality? who said we must have the poor and they will always be with you? why so? and why must humans follow rules made for nature's own animals always seeking today's meal, and this night's shelter, and wondering if natzure can wonder, why life has to be a quest for truth when truth is not very well concealed in the basic human family....from each according to their ability to each according to their needs?
and so homelessness in more places by standards we have come to accept, is more common than homes, as Basel cleans it's sewers with modern scrubbers attached to huge water hoses carried on trucks....while most of humanity does not even know what a sewer is...a ditch full of evil mosquitos. flies on food and feces with equal abandon. rivers of sickness, and the air, the air, running out? like the water? as the seasons burn out and the MULTIPLE races we are one of as the HUMAN race weakens and gradually goes insane?
does anyone else see this?
does anyone else wonder, if the oceans get past a certain acidity, the plant plankton might die less years than a baby goes from turning over to toddler, and the plant plankton make 70% of the world's free oxygen....and the value of O2 will go up as it disappears in nature and only those who burn Carbon to make CO2 and electricity at home will be able to make enough O2 and hydrogen to breath and fuel their cars...oh joy...if only those electrons will all come from sun and wind...only if we can ever get used to wearing oxygen packs our limited concepts of ever and ever get vastly expanded. under duress? do we wonder?
for if we cannot save the trees and the people we love and the oceans that cover 70% of the Earth Mother we need and love and want as our ALWAYS AND FOREVER only home--welcome to Mars! go take it over...with yer wasted billions...and other galaxies....oh whitewash my brain with your glories and distractions! do you ever wonder if you are wrong? all safe and secure in your ownership society? guarded by pitbulls your child cannot play with guarded by robots that might run off at the mouth of their machine gun if the intel inside gets too hot from the sun....
it all boils down to kindness and our great religions are supposed to be love.
amen don't mean ALL men. woman means "of" man in the antiquated etymology of the empire language. and Our Only Mother is Earth and her daughter is Gaia in whose thin film we live....and god is either dead or drunk.
by some standards a "good" man...that...One...ese.
~~jimmy, gracias al leer.
these words presage the coming massacre at Standing Rock: