Friday, December 11, 2015

One quick way to save the planet would be to eliminate all white people. the class must proceed, i can presume, at the speed of the slowest.  if they won't slow down then we must make them. i am white, so kick me first.
   Capital breaks the natural regimen of work, love, and knowledge, which rewards us with a fullness and appreciation of life as a fleeting trust given to humanity as a test maybe and responsibility for sure to leave the world better than you found it.  doctors give an oath (which they share with our beloved google) to "do no harm." Through every religion we all pray for the wisdom--and swear to uphold--the idea of doing unto others what you would like them to do unto you. is it too large a stretch to enforce this Tao in our lifetimes instead of after our death? Heaven is here, already here, after our birth, and violation of its feminine principles is tantamount to rape: which is the most egregious form of assault and battery extant.
    i am already poor. i am a poet. 
i proceed at the pace of my revelations which i cannot say come all wrapped up in happiness and joy under a Xmas tree. i am kicked out already. i can see the System from a distance. white people have colonized even the latent affect of decolonization. the System is pernicious and relentless. it preys upon fear of failure and fear of drought, fear of homelessness even as it destroys homes by the millions.
    we can eliminate the effect of white people by eliminating their immortal monster corpo-personages, who rule the planet for their own aggrandizement, with acumen and persistent devotion to a 90 day world view.
   we can out-law them.  kill them off.  break them up. into little pieces. disable them from their venality. destroy their kleptomanic tendencies of being able to corrupt (or kill) any government they want. This way, white people would become parts of an even larger, not a smaller corporate, cluster, but a conglomeration of other smaller more family-oriented equals who use one vote at a time to address universal permanent, long-running concerns that are putting our civilizations, nay! our SPECIES and all mammals and all fish and all--most importantly--the plant plankton, of a one-world eco-system at risk of extermination. White people have yet to recognize this risk because of their addiction to their ties which lock them into an outmoded and dangerous dream of victory over a generous, already consenting Mother Earth...all arranged in the last 400 years by a web of corporate constructs which possess them...and rule they can rule the rest.
    Of what empty, pyrrhic victory to they dream? With what kind of sickened, depleted, depressed, stunted, human cohort do they suppose to share this abysmal future?
    Would this be any different than revolting against the crazy kings of yore. the murderous, self-important, power addicted dick-taters of the not so vanished past?
    i would suggest all monarchs be stripped of all possessions and/or money. and placed in some small jacal in say, Ethiopia or Kenya for starters, or in Southern India where the sun doth shine and the wind doth blow, and let us see what their natural genius shall bring to blossom in saving the world from there.
    While the people i would hope, vote out anyone with more than one million dollars as being too rich to exist.
What the world needs now is not a minimum wage--no time left to us for that--what we need now is a MAXIMUM income and a limit to ASSETS >>> the Future has spoken and the wealthy are deaf.
    So the poor must listen: we need to give every femme on this planet over the age of 18 at least $2,000 a month as reparations for past slavery and oppression in general. This fund must be supplied by the accumulated piles of matter left mouldering in the vacated estates of the upper 10,000.  That's all it would take.
    Nature will out anyway.  We are only trying to save humanity as it is.
    Maybe that is the way the rich see it..too.