Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Guaranteed! 8 billion! For a nuke-ku-lar reactor. We'll call it The Kissinger.
Obiwan has no idea of what it takes to make 8 billion dollars. I mean to actually save it up. He should talk to Bill Gates or Soros. Warren Buffett. It must take them at least half a year!
8 billion could pay the entire MLB salary structure and cut ticket prices in half. It could provide chocolate for every Mother in the world this mother's day. sheeesh! 8 BILLION could persuade Ahnold to resign from the Governorship of Caleee-forneeeeya. It could provide stainless steel water bottles for every aerobics class in the world. It would enable us to find a way to ship the nuclear waste to France so they could put it with theirs in the North Sea. It makes fish would reduce our national debt by 8 billion dollars. I'm thinking this money could put solar energy on 1 million rooftops. Or buy 2 million golf carts. or enough dollar burgers to give every kid in the world about 4 crappy dollar meals. How about 4,000 yachts for cheating hubbies to give to their tormented wives? Or 4 million water buffalos for Viet-nam farmers?
Egads, what a bumpkin! He wants to put it in Georgia!!! The one place that don't need power...they gwine secede anyhew...and should live in the dark, even darker....
Furthermore, later news has arrived: the total cost of the reactor is $54 Billion, not 8, so you can stuff that, Obi. And only 26 Billion has already been guaranteed! 18 by Bush. This is obscene.
54 BN looks like this: 54,000,000,000. One giant wind turbine costs 100,000. divide, = 540,000 Altamont-style windmills. Or, @ 9,000 each, a rooftop wind generator for 6 MILLION homes housing 4-5 people each.
Obiwan said this nuclear reactor would supply 1.4 million people.
For 54 Billion we could have a small roof top vertical wind generator on every house in America from here to Tierra del Fuego. And be freed from global climate change, AND give everyone a break on their power bill. This nuke idea is criminal! Given what we all know is going down...criminal!!!
Beware the Type-A, Straight-A, A-hole!
Please stop this guy! Impeach the Peach Stater, Obie!

Reich is part of the Democratic problem (note cap D). To think that we can discuss w/o rancor any serious problem--like global climate change, eg,--with Rip-ugli-boners like Boehner and McKentucky or Imhoff is to insanely run into your garage door head first repeatedly until you bleed to death. "Polite Deliberation" was not killed by the Dems. Obama stubbornly shows us that daily, as he tries to appease his Wall St. masters, and corpo-fascist-campaign financiers with his failure to execute a truth-based presidency. Reich is a wimp for saying it's possible to debate the issues. He's being an effete sycophant in nattering nabob clothing. And to think i would have nominated him for the President's economic team. Ugh. Da Dems can brely debate stuff with themselves...
The whole Dem party has to grow a pair. Talk abouit losing Florida! If we do nothing about burning fossil fuel, Florida will be under real water. And if we do it with nuclear energy, getting it built will take 20 years, it will fail, we shall have no place to put the waste, it will be dnagerous...oh, nevermind...some rich cats will make millions and that's all that matters.
Right? Some things are so obvious we'd have to go back to the dark ages to find common ground with Ripuglicans who will say a snow storm in Baltimore disproves global climate change. Democracy (small d) does not mean compromises about Liberty, Slavery, Civil Rights, or Scientific facts.
It means not shooting them. That's all.

Nukes are not sustainable. Uranium is a semi-precious metal. It is in finite supply. when uranium runs out we will still have to go to wind and a truly "free" market would do now. And i can hardly stand it waiting for the day we begin to dismantle our real Nukes to supply our reactors. Like that'll happen!
Just go to your window. Open it wide as you can. And scream, "I want my windmill and my electric car! "
And charge it up every night while you sleep.
What power you don't use goes back into the grid for someone's air conditioning. Voila!
Total diversification of power supply. We will ALL become our own power companies. No more Enrons, and with the money we save we can buy our present power grid owners like we shudda done long ago
Next. The banks. We only need one bank for every state. That would be more than we have now. We have six.