Saturday, December 26, 2015

conspiracy theories are relative

Conspiracies abound in human condition!  News headline from Truth Pressing In on Us Press.
if we are talking about chinging da system da system would call it conspiracy 
by virtue? of the tiny unread codicil they have attached in the small print: 
confidential talking in restraint of trade is what they already do 
(although they are ostensibly working for us) yet, they add on,
 "designed to bring down da system."
    as if that should be illegal at all.  da system was once illegal.  under the CATHaholic MENpire in the not so bright ages Jews were illegal.... well, lookit 'em now!
    does the tail not wag da dawg? i don't have a dog in this hunt. i just wanna visit Rome or Spring Hill or Baghdad or Lahore or Calcutta and stay in someones' house and maybe go to a party and sip tea with the citizens (whoops,my bad, can we still use that word?!)
   i just wanna get to know someone i'll never understand
   even here in Frisco where people gave me so much last night....i got at least 4 ten dollar (US) tips. without which i would
not be here right now.  
how tensuous is that? because my blood is money is my blood money now. 
i am greening and growing money scales of old bank scripts from the 1850's 
which is the main reason gold looked so good to peephole.  
bankers have always been the evil ones. 
since GeeSays.   anyway.
    now the moneychangers are writing the new conspiracy laws based upon their new world religion of money as illusion is real. 
    and real means royalty in spanish.
we should go back to the granaries: use wheat and rice and corn and salt as money...
no.  maybe Gluten.
then peephole wouldn't want it so much.
we could use houses: they're real.

here's a ten spot lien on my million dollar home, how bout breakfast? 
the restaurateur gives it to the chef.
the chef cooks.
he gives it to his wife.
she buys the kids some shoes.
years later someone gives you your ten dollar lien back for changing her tire on a lonely country road
where money has not invaded yet.

the trees are paper in the rough.
paper money even.
man, if trees could laugh,
we would not be able to hear ourselves think.
i'm not even me

i am NOT misunderstood! i'm not even allowed to be me and i don't care because i'm not even right that much. i actually HATE "Annie" rice, i mean Rand--i used to have one of her typewriters, she called it Remington Bear. and it shot hate.  somebody out there wants us helots to survive on droppings and wet napkins we can suck the nutrients out of if we're really that hungry.  somebody wants us to rely on the charity of pathogenetic malevolulumants....preggers queens to us worker ants replacing us every four seconds: ohhh-uhnt! can't you HEAR me?  i despair. cause or symptom. they're both evil. so we only treat one of them: with mollyfliers and sugar creamers on pogo schticks...that bounce our brains into oblivia, Olivia. 
   we spray the humans playing in the street but leave the mosquitos waving in the wind...with our words...and answers of course, Bobby.
   evil is live spelled backwards.  but every body forgets.
   so all we gotta do is reverse course: the first million you make you can keep, the next BILLION goes to the people [for all their contributions over the eons that you climbed up on to get to your big castle at the Cliff bar.  then, and ONLY THEN, you get to keep your ill-gotten gains.  every other billion.  and we shall tax all assets from 1 to 5% depending if they have water.
    then we shall give to everywoman over 18 2,000 a month, US, to pay for her new roof or running water, which we the peephole shall control for the good of all. and her chickens and a garden, sewer systems designed to separate waste from the rest of us.
    i love the anti-christ by the way, because the Light would not even show up without the darkness already there giving great back story. LIKE BEHIND EVERY GREAT FORTUNE LIES A CRIME: so quit worshipping these criminals! esp. the religious liars and children's brain washing scribblers.
    this dance is not over it has just begun.
    and i am not the only one. who feels anything.
    we must find the other: not kill them from 30,000 feet.
money is what they worship in the temples: except when you are in nature's temple where money is an invasive species.
obama is worrying over who to pardon and who to kill and he forgets that money is an illusion so everyone who stole it is illusory and a fool for that so should by that qualification alone join us all free and clearly self-abusive without any outside help thank you ver' much! let everyone go who did not hit or kill. and replace them with all the generals who surely did...
[along with that marine sniper i had to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with]
semper fee fi fo' wha?

Monday, December 14, 2015

Y'know. some signs of mental disability are appearing with too much
regularity for my taste: through-tout society for example:
war without consensus, for one thing.  bailing out crooks for another, but
that is large scale, econos call it macro. on the micro level people still
toss paper and cans on the sidewalk, but the sides of the Hiways are lots
better than in the 60's...there is a fine for that. yet. having lotsa
babies as a method of getting some social security for one's old age is
selfish.  i wonder if Ayn Rand ever thought of that part. or the part of
sheep eating the grass right off the Commons and making it into a sand dune.
   and the green revolution everyone raved about: "The world CAN support 20
billion people, Now!"
   is a farce. it poisons the soil.  dead soils grow nothing.  NOTHING!
and selfishness is primafacie evidence of insanity, at least neurosis, or
partial schizophrenia as are the relentless Xmas songs celebrating the
International Church of Shopapatholics...and i am told that Schizophrenia
skips a generation so that those children of schizos will not know they
carry the evil seed, and will sprinkle the world with more schizos like
their mama if she is indeed schizo.
   is it insane to think the world is going to burn us out and drown us and
the same time, or is it sicker to ignore it?
   if we believe in .GOV and we believe in social and eco-justice and
Zoning, like comm'l and residential and Quiet Hospital and no left turns on
red, then what responsibility do we have to assure a viable and useful
genetic code for future generations to share?  i mean,  we do share our
genes, don't we?
   in at least Sick Dreg.rees of Degener-rations: we do. That's where war
comes from. You don't see lions declaring war.  or tigers. or wolves, or
sharks, vultures, eagles, foxes, rats, only humans.  one
bad gene begetting another, maybe pathogenetic or maybe just better
security for the pretty mamas who want to raise their babies with our fear
of starvation.
   Even viruses are only lost genetic engineers--nature's first--in search
of a home, yet untrained, undisciplined you might say, too  uncouth to make
a pleasant house guest.  we need to throw them a bone of some kind to tame
them. the way our ancestors tamed the wild dogs. to bark when the hongry
saber-toothed tiger came waltzing in...
   i picked up a Marina chick: four of 'em actually, back in '08 (since
then they've migrated to UBER BECAUSE THEY LIKE THE NAME!) and i asked them
why you cuties went out with these drunken over-sexed ego-maniac FIRE
types?* The quickest one answered, "Because they have the money!"
   Tell me that is not genetic.
i see where Monsanto and Dupont might be accused of causing Breast Cancer
as one tiny itty bitty collateral damage of their greedy it
redundant to say that? I could say it twice. you know, if i know, and if WE
ALL know and YER MAMA knows...then the .gov knows and our respected leaders
in myriad universal catholic islamic and jewish Congresses know, and dollar/one vote still kills.  but universal prohibition of "
procreatic" juices in unusual places is still illegal because it would cut
down votes for various gods who rely upon a universally increasing
population for their universal influence upon ALL spirituality. "Every
sperm is sacred!"
   finally, the family farmers of India have found a solution to their, not chicken poop for fertilizer, not deeper wells, not phony
cotton surgical masks--suicide.
   and the farmers of Haiti [used to fighting and dying for their freedom
as if it's part of their own genetic code], have burned the entire Monsanto
christmas gift of those FREE SEEDS of death...i wish i could've poured some
180 proof rum on that fire!

BTW, Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus.   He was just another poet
ahead of his time: a metaphor for the rest of us, about to become
collateralized fallen angels.
   remember, for this Xmas, that Jesus was an uncomfortable & inconvenient
truth-teller for a defective, psychotic ruling class at the time: the upper
10,000 of it's time. the ones that got us to here. thank you and g'bye,
gracias and adios.
   for all future elections write in The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, King
Saud, and the Sultan of Brunei. And let's party on that....for we are the
seeds of truth...and they are making a pile for us somewhere you cannot
read about.
   merry kwanzaa!

Kwanzaa 2015 begins on
Saturday, December 26
and ends on
Friday, January 1
send those dates to every police station in America!

RE: DEATH OF A RED HEROINE, Author: Qiu Xiaolong

I had no idea how badly the Chinese live in Shanghai.  this book describes their everyday life in a murder mystery the likes of which the world has never seen before.  the writing is like a travelogue and meticulous--so you will need the time to of course finish your studies  in your Cantonese and local slang before you ....just kidding it's in english and the writer/guy is Chinese living in St. Louis, MO.

Shanghai is flat like New Orleans, and about 3 feet high if you can tell from the photos, i can't imagine what they are thinking about burning coal. MOST of the pop. uses coal to cook with, in first floor communal kitchens in vented hallways on hibachi-like grills. one measure of wealth is using propane. still one has to squat or kneel to cook in these places.

having an apartment with a kitchen is a major promotion. one room only is the base median.

but now they can have two kids.
RE: DEATH OF A RED HEROINE, Author: Qiu Xiaolong

I had no idea how badly the Chinese live in Shanghai.  this book describes their everyday life in a murder mystery the likes of which the world has never seen before.  the writing is like a travelogue and meticulous--so you will need the time to of course finish your studies  in your Cantonese and local slang before you ....just kidding it's in english and the writer/guy is Chinese living in St. Louis, MO.

Shanghai is flat like New Orleans, and about 3 feet high if you can tell from the photos, i can't imagine what they are thinking about burning coal. MOST of the pop. uses coal to cook with, in first floor communal kitchens in vented hallways on hibachi-like grills. one measure of wealth is using propane. still one has to squat or kneel to cook in these places.

having an apartment with a kitchen is a major promotion. one room only is the base median.

but now they can have two kids.

Another Piece of Taxi:
last night i caught a ride from SFGH, our public hospital. it was ER. A cop greeted me and told me a lady was coming out and a Sheriff's deputy would follow us to a house somewhere. she came out with a stroller heap with stuff--including a  tiny baby in its own small carrier with handle.  i put the stroller in the back "trunk" area. and we took the back streets to avoid any followers...i figured the cop would notice anyone following easier.
    on the way i chatted with the passenger.  do you have avouched? yes. this was paid for by a hospital fund. it turned out to be 25.
    i asked her if she had BF problems.  yes. husband she said. i told her i had picked up at these sanctuaries before and the women seemed much more relaxed after. she called her hubbie her "baby papa."
    is he the father? yes.  how many? six.  wow how old is baby papa? 31.  you? 29.
    what does he do? nothin'
    how much do they pay you per child?  $1,000.
shocked i asked per month?  yeah.
you could buy a house with that...i already have one she said.
what?  In SF?  no in Fresno. my daddy died and left it to me.
so, uh, you rent it out? yes.  how much? 6,000.  how many bedrooms? 4.
1500 a BR. In Fresno. i shuddered.  my rent control apt now extended its influence in my life throughout the entire state--i knew i would never live in any Fresno.  my next home might be in Vietnam or Bangkok.  maybe Venezuela--in time to witness the revolution.
     so you two make 12,000 a month with 6 kids? yep. about 144,000 a year. yep.
i carried the troller up the stairs fully loaded and too heavy and large and awkward for me really, but i made it by wranging it up going real slow.  [she carried the baby in his basket.]  i figured that service was worth this info.  you get it for free.
     when i told the cop he smiled, not surprised.
i heard a ding from my cab.
i got a call, i said. 
i was outa there.

anybody got an opinion?

[In China they just raised the quota/limit up to 2 children per couple. i don't know what they do with single mamas. or if they still throw away baby girls.  i do know the last ruling on births left China with about 100 million extra single men to deal with. The most formidable ground army the world has ever known. They could simply start marching south and take Bangkok, Burma, and Bengla Desh by the sheer weight of male protein coming on down.]

what a great planet for a poet.

Friday, December 11, 2015

One quick way to save the planet would be to eliminate all white people. the class must proceed, i can presume, at the speed of the slowest.  if they won't slow down then we must make them. i am white, so kick me first.
   Capital breaks the natural regimen of work, love, and knowledge, which rewards us with a fullness and appreciation of life as a fleeting trust given to humanity as a test maybe and responsibility for sure to leave the world better than you found it.  doctors give an oath (which they share with our beloved google) to "do no harm." Through every religion we all pray for the wisdom--and swear to uphold--the idea of doing unto others what you would like them to do unto you. is it too large a stretch to enforce this Tao in our lifetimes instead of after our death? Heaven is here, already here, after our birth, and violation of its feminine principles is tantamount to rape: which is the most egregious form of assault and battery extant.
    i am already poor. i am a poet. 
i proceed at the pace of my revelations which i cannot say come all wrapped up in happiness and joy under a Xmas tree. i am kicked out already. i can see the System from a distance. white people have colonized even the latent affect of decolonization. the System is pernicious and relentless. it preys upon fear of failure and fear of drought, fear of homelessness even as it destroys homes by the millions.
    we can eliminate the effect of white people by eliminating their immortal monster corpo-personages, who rule the planet for their own aggrandizement, with acumen and persistent devotion to a 90 day world view.
   we can out-law them.  kill them off.  break them up. into little pieces. disable them from their venality. destroy their kleptomanic tendencies of being able to corrupt (or kill) any government they want. This way, white people would become parts of an even larger, not a smaller corporate, cluster, but a conglomeration of other smaller more family-oriented equals who use one vote at a time to address universal permanent, long-running concerns that are putting our civilizations, nay! our SPECIES and all mammals and all fish and all--most importantly--the plant plankton, of a one-world eco-system at risk of extermination. White people have yet to recognize this risk because of their addiction to their ties which lock them into an outmoded and dangerous dream of victory over a generous, already consenting Mother Earth...all arranged in the last 400 years by a web of corporate constructs which possess them...and rule they can rule the rest.
    Of what empty, pyrrhic victory to they dream? With what kind of sickened, depleted, depressed, stunted, human cohort do they suppose to share this abysmal future?
    Would this be any different than revolting against the crazy kings of yore. the murderous, self-important, power addicted dick-taters of the not so vanished past?
    i would suggest all monarchs be stripped of all possessions and/or money. and placed in some small jacal in say, Ethiopia or Kenya for starters, or in Southern India where the sun doth shine and the wind doth blow, and let us see what their natural genius shall bring to blossom in saving the world from there.
    While the people i would hope, vote out anyone with more than one million dollars as being too rich to exist.
What the world needs now is not a minimum wage--no time left to us for that--what we need now is a MAXIMUM income and a limit to ASSETS >>> the Future has spoken and the wealthy are deaf.
    So the poor must listen: we need to give every femme on this planet over the age of 18 at least $2,000 a month as reparations for past slavery and oppression in general. This fund must be supplied by the accumulated piles of matter left mouldering in the vacated estates of the upper 10,000.  That's all it would take.
    Nature will out anyway.  We are only trying to save humanity as it is.
    Maybe that is the way the rich see it..too.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Another war to end all war? please yes! YES! Let this one work...

The big Q is how to fight a war designed to be the end of war without ending the mammalian species  from the planet?  The end of war: and how to fight another one. Annihilate everything!
Anyone can copy and proof this and add to it. or pass it on. answers are all expensive, fake, and wrong, but questions are free.

the whole thing was created by the CIA and the neo-cons to destroy democracy, and the rest of us, because we are all so inconvenient.  TRUTH?!
   Robert Reich, whom I read every Sunday if i can in the Insight Section of the Chron now gives us the 5 issues we must solve before we go to war vs. ISIS.
OK, Reich, i really like you.  But do not be so gullible.  They will collect you up with the rest of us...asap. Because you are a leader.  They will let the thugs run wild the longest because they will make the rest of us look bad enough even to ourselves to convince us to die more easily by jumping into Woolsey's Machine.  Make yourself into Oil for Future Generations will be the altruistic battle cry! (* see below)
    This is war for war's sake, but not at the most dramatic improbable is another no loser proposition for the MIC and the Neo-cons, the CFR, the Rockefeller Foundation, et al.  Call them the elites, plus all the pretty girls that may survive the initial shocks. (Just like traffic court--only the poor and/or ugly must pay.)
    The world is over-populated.
    Their first remedy was to put sterilization meds into the tetanus vaccines given to Guatemalan women in the late 50's. Just a test case (among many) to show their perfidy their cruelty and inhumanity.
    Something far bigger than ISIS is looming. And ISIS was manufactured by the CIA to suck up the blame for it.
    Something horrific is coming and it isn't another anthrax scare: avoidable by Ciprofloxicin affordable only to the wealthy and/or connected. All the fears and all the scares are leading up to a major development which means no good for anyone making under 1 MM  year and half of them will have to go as well, because of their views or race.
    Forget any prereqs for war.  There is no, nor will there ever be, any rules of war.
    I think it's better to invest in investigation of our secret agencies and the conspiracies of the neo-cons. We need some information here. An uninformed democracy is an oxymoron. So...
    Who arms these false flag patsy groups? Boko Haram. the Base, ISIS, others. too many others.  Who armed the generals in Burma for example?  That should be easy to find out.  Subject to conventional denials and secrecy rules as if we don't already know.  The CIA has enough circumstantial evidence piled up against it to hang a black man in Texas.
   Whoever it is, those repressive pseudo-Anti.Gov rebel groups are evil enough to make their suppliers accessories to murder on a mass scale. One of the first investigations ought to include answering how did ISIS move "up to 10,000 soldiers" from Syria to Mosul, Iraq across a desert flatter than Burning Man with brand new bright White SUVs that come all the way from Japan, full of say 8 guys per car, more? for a nominal total of about 1200 vehicles...OMG under satellite and drone surveillance just like the 911 WTC attack was accomplished under the world's greatest NORAD air defense system ever compromised for this very same reason: more war.
    Another good question is how somebody got several million people to move from Syria to the EU, and why.  i mean really, why? Was it to activate and invoke racism in a domesticated bourgeoisie?  And where they found enough neo-Nazis to come out and take over Kiev? In Chile? Or are these also old South Afrikaner Secret Polizi, tired of patrolling the diamond mines?
    So let's trace the weapons and the bullets down to a factory in Mass. or Delaware. New Jeresy or Prague.  Certainly nothing like AK-47s and shoulder held rocket launchers are made in Islam or in Africa, where these arms are mostly used. And if they were all left in that armory in Mosul to be picked up by ISIS murderers, let's prosecute the US officials in charge of putting them there in the first place. Let's prosecute the CIA for dealing drugs--i know a guy a hippie who went to jail for 6 years for gram of coke.  what would the national supply of Switzerland be worth? And we should find out how ISIS gets it oil out of the ground and into what port to what buyers to go where, and if we can't simply blow the shit out of that supply chain instead of hospitals and schools and wedding parties?  I'm just asking.
    Then when we get a handle on who what when where, we can start to tax the rich (thank you Robert), out of their stupid murderous leadership/ownership position in western civilization, and begin to get to the bottom of all these stupid fake wars no one wants...
...which ultimately are without end and will assuredly as MAD, lead to mammalian extinction.

One good thing, tho'.  If I'm right,  there won't be anyone around to read about it.  AND it will become a happier planet--over time--without humans to kick it around.

Friday, November 20, 2015

There is nothing one person can do to stop this mindless slaughter in the world of Islam.  Our .gov started it--this time.  but asking us to DO something, is like asking a prisoner in Guantanamo (el Guantanamero!) when's he comin' home.
    So this is how far we've come from democracy here at home.  remember how Bush used bring democracy to the Moslems as an excuse for killing them? no.  maybe not.  better happier, i'm told just to forget about it.  be happy, don't worry.  god will stop us from ending the world--unless she so pissed off at this mistaken genetic glitch she created she;ll just let us exterminate ourselves...

...if one person could impose an arms embargo i would have done it back when i was 10.  (since there have been wars all my life--i'm sick of it.)
    vote for Gandhi? now, there's a stretch.  no more than the idea of placing an arms embargo!  what?   without a shot being fired? i suppose they'll all just lay down and take the offered bungalow in Detroit or somewhere? these are ideas the US .GOVcan do.  but won't.
    don't forget the US MIC controls the US and the US controls the world, almost. and wants to get it all.  there will be no arms embargos anywhere.  even teen agers have access.  despair reigns.  oh joy!
    if you go over there and try to initiate the ideas you have you will die.  good luck.
    inviting Russia to help is probably the best way out.  looks like Obama is no longer enamoured by his proxy strategy.  he should have asked us first. anyone can see that arming a proxy army of volunteer maniacs, make that gory, horny maniacs, would be easy under Islam. the problem --never discussed-- is what comes after. after school, so to speak.
    well, in this case we can make friends with Putin as soon as they both realize they are bros of the sword.  maybe Obama can teach him a jump shot as they cavort on the court, and Putin can teach Obewan the fine art of killing with yer hands.
    there is movenet in that match up.  team game stuff.  let's invite China next. no one wants to be using the oil anymore anyway.  let's let China do it.
     what a hoot?  we should've left Russia in Afghanistan long ago (14 years after Charlie famous war)
tell them all to have fun, and begin to use the money for universal single payer health care, and free tuition through graduate school.  2,00 a month for every woman over 18 world wide.
     let's make some friends.  and retire all our stupid generals who know nothingmore than how to make war make more wars, to goat ranches in tierra del fuego, down there past the Nazis we liberated from justice.  also.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

ice melts: FYE*

....if you take an ice cube and put it in a glass, put a plate on the kitchen counter, put a saucer on the plate, put the glass on the saucer almost full of water--DO NOT spill--then take a nice tight pourer cup like a measuring cup and finish filling the glass to the point where the water's surface tension holds it in very slightly over the lip of the glass:
   then you leave it alone for a few hours you will see what melting ice does if it is floating in the ocean. like the Arctic.
   the water level will drop ever so slightly, more if the air is warm since some will evaporate.
NOW take the same glass, start over, fill it up same way with NO ICE cubes in it.
then DROP some ice cubes into the water and watch it overflow;
this is ice falling off of a continent or a large island, or glaciers sliding into the sea.  like Greenland.

Gore said sea level will rise 40 feet.  he's an ass.
now we have a new report about ice on the Antarctic ice shelf, falling into the ocean.  but that ice is floating on a frozen ocean for the most part.  the ocean is thawing, so it will sink some.  how much i don't know because no one has measured how thick the frozen ocean is!!!
you cannot just drop a lead weight on a rope into solid ice!!!
however, apparently Amsterdam--which is already under water--does not give a hoot.  Royal Dutch Shell just woke up to getting out of the Arctic.  too hard, they said.  after all this screaming shit they caused.  up in Port Angeles, and the Olympic River near Portland?  i think that was the bridge deal with bodies hangin' in their way...fro bungee cords
what asses!
this does not stop Shell from trying to become Mean Ol' Dirty Frisco's Sustainable Energy Czar: which they just lost for some reason finally reason.
and yet, The Queen of Holland, Ms Beatrice can sleep well at night knowing that her 21% share of Shell is safe since they are trying to move the Dakota oil frack, crack head from there to Seattle for export.  good luck with that. it seemed for asecond that maybe just maybe Scott Weiner was not bribed to get this done but that maybe shell was serious about wind and solar and life on this planet...but naw...
let Amsterdam drown, it's alreadY below SEA LEVEL
    IF THE LEVIES BREAK, they can move to Switzerland.  yeah, that's it.  It's about time the cheap ass Swiss let in some refugees.  Dutch girls aren't bad.
    i guess my next really big question is, where's Bengla Desh gonna move?

*for your entertainment

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

They Profit, We Die: Chemical-Intensive Agriculture
And the Poisoning of Soils, Human Health And The Environment
By Colin Todhunter

The problems are not confined to Europe and the US; they are global. Spiralling cancer rates in Argentina linked to the use of glyphosate spring to mind. In Punjab, India, pesticides have turned the state into a 'cancer epicentre'. Moreover, Indian soils are being depleted as a result of the application of ‘green revolution’ ideology and chemical inputs. India is losing 5,334 million tonnes of soil every year due to soil erosion because of the indiscreet and excessive use of fertilisers, insecticides and pesticides. The Indian Council of Agricultural Research reports that soil is become deficient in nutrients and fertility. As small holders the world over are being driven from their land and the chemical-industrial farming model takes over, the problems continue to mount

Mon Santo: My Holy: Mount Holy: Mons Before. My Assassin's Cred...In Croatian, the name Anto means - war child. Thus, War Child's Mountains...or Mounts.  (i avoid the obvious mons veneris...which is a goal of some sort based upon past behavior.)
The Handmaiden's Tale, Eyes Wide Shut, restored usage of RAPE as a weapon of war. etc.
Whatever is happening to India is happening to the US Great Prairie also. Oceanic Dead Zones escape mention in presidential debates...because debates are under instructions from Rockefeller Foundation.  Read, The Foundation by Azimov, and Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand. this one took an idealist andmade him an icon for corporatism, however, the ideal was subverted into boxes made of ricky-tacky and they all look just the same.  only democracy calls for art.  ART is the death knell of fascism.

Randian individuals have no use for us all.  They already robotize most production.  They have forgotten the processes that got us to here.  They are tired of the lines the traffic jams and the squalor and crime emanating from the dispossessed.  There will be more crime coming up, and more random serial shootings, and more fanatic jihadis, and the rising up of the hopeless. No matter. Death is the one thing we all have in common: birth is a death sentence. And the only thing to fight for is how to use that knowledge in the best way. To live in material power or in spiritual generosity.  there is enough for everyone.  that's for sure.  somebody wants it all.  somebody thinks they are god.

Kissinger said it all:
"Control the oil and you control the government; control the food and you control the people."

Rothschild, of Bank of England said it another way:
"I don't care who runs for election. Whoever controls the currency controls the government. And I control the currency."

Jay Gould:
"i have enough money to pay half the poor to kill the other half."

Be irritated now, so you don't get killed later. Eat totally organic or die young. Join up.  Create choices other than avarice. Selfishness kills.

Rockey Foundation financed vaccine in Guatemala, for women only, used for tetanus: ended ovulation. Chose one of the following.  Look at Hilary's face closely; see the ambition.  See the need. Can you feed the need?  I don't want to support this whole world dys-order. I reject the CFR.  I reject all candidates for President except Warren, Kucinich, Joan d'Arc, Ben Franklin, Lincoln, MLK, and Robin Hood.
[i have nothing left to say. you figure it out.]


Sterilization Abuse: A Task for the Women's Movement
University of Illinois at Chicago
A working paper on sterilization abuse drafted by the Chicago Committee to End ... Sterilization abuse is an issue that should be taken up by the women's..... They have so far sent supplies to Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Bolivia ...

35% of Puerto Rican Women Sterilized
University of Illinois at Chicago
The Chicago Women's Liberation Union issued this statement to protest US abortion laws. ... What it has always been in Puerto Rico -sterilization. .... An experience of one pre-medical student in Puerto Rico in the 1950's, told to us by an ...
Missing: guatemala

U.S. Government's Role in Sterilizing Women of Color › ... › Race Relations › History of Race Relations
In the 20th century, women of color—blacks, Puerto Ricans and Native Americans—were ... Medical Racism: The Tuskegee and Guatemala… 5 ... Black, Native American and Puerto Rican women report being sterilized without their consent ...

Tetanus vaccines found spiked with sterilization chemical to ...
Nov 8, 2014 - (NaturalNews) Tetanus vaccines given to millions of youngwomen in Kenya have been confirmed by laboratories to contain asterilization ...
Missing: guatemala ‎50's

Guatemalans deliberately infected with STDs sue Johns ... › US News › Maryland
The Guardian
Apr 2, 2015 - Guatemala victims of US syphilis study still haunted by the 'devil's ... A woman from the psychiatric hospital was injected with syphilis, ...

U.S. apologizes for Guatemala STD experiments - NBC News
Oct 1, 2010 - Jump to video U.S. apologizes for STD experiments in Guatemala... Rates of women who are opting for preventive mastectomies, such as ...

Unethical human experimentation in the United States ...
He also addicted the women in his surgical experiments to morphine, only providing .... insane asylum patients, and Guatemalan soldiers with syphilis and other ... with viral hepatitis, for research whose purpose was to help discover avaccine. ..... The surgeon who sterilized the men said that it was necessary to " keep from ...

Israel Acknowledges Contraceptive Shots Given to ...
Jan 29, 2013 - The Israeli government has tacitly acknowledged injecting Ethiopian women immigrating to Israel with a long-acting contraceptive without their ...

Hillary Clinton: Women Around The World Are Awaiting ...
Mar 12, 2015 - The problem is that the vaccine industry has been repeatedly caught ... through his private Population Council in New York beginning in the1950's. ... Those behind secretly sterilizing women and girls with vaccines are Hillary Clinton's major donors. ...... PressTV - 'US govt. aware of theGuatemalan study'

101.9 The Wolf - #BreakingNews CA vaccine bill approved ...
California vaccine bill approved by committee on second try ..... government medical researchers intentionally infected hundreds of people in Guatemala ... Rico, exploring the mass sterilization of Puerto Rican women during the 50sand 60s.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

"As far as you can avoid it, do not give grief to anyone. Never inflict your rage on another. If you hope for eternal rest, feel the pain yourself; but don't hurt others." - Omar Khayyám, Quatrains
"Always forgive your enemies; nothing annoys them so much." -  Oscar Wilde
"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage." -  Lao Tzu
"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are." -  E.E. Cummings
One saving grace is the futile stupidity of the US position: ZB's grand dream of Heartland Asia!
Seems people have owned that land before, and never conquered the world.  this folly was followed by Genghis Khan whose people are now stabbing the Han in Ulan Bator shopping malls to drive them out of business, Hitler Youth who are now almost totally disarmed and disinterested, and Napoleon among other failed fantasies.  The Cossacks and the Khazanians also owned this land once upon a time, the latter having disappeared into perhaps Basel some say, i dunno.
    To play with people's lives over this kind of crap is to toy with holocaust and venality as bad as any serial gunner in US schools.  worse.  the numbers are bigger.
    But the crime of Obama is his sanctimonious preaching that he uses to advance his sycophantic career as a CFR Trilateral Commision and Rockefeller Foundation lackey.
    meanwhile this distraction: i mean the world either goes completely to radioactive hell or it doesn't--takes us away from the total control of trade, energy and food by the world Bank thru the various TPPs and nazi revisionists we also support.  What's better Neo Nazis in Ukraine or Assad in Syria...or what's worse.  How can we be on both sides of everything?