Friday, April 3, 2015

we don't need a minimum wage, we need a maximum income.

But if we have to start with a minimum wage (which i think is degrading as well as economically depressing because inflation, which is manipulated by the wealthy establishment which will soon restore its advantage and return wages to their current proportions) then let's think ahead.
    So here's a solution to that: 
a minimum wage ought to be international. if money can travel across borders so should unions. and labor. if the international price of labor, which we call call wages in order to separate labor from the salaries of management--a false dichotomy for sure--were there same everywhere, some nations would experience major booms via the purchases of consumer goods and in-home infrastructures like fridges, stoves, toilets, plumbing, clean water, sewers, heat glass windows, light, solar, electricity via copper wiring, some kind of vehicles other than bikes, books, better shoes, health care, and free education to higher levels than reading and writing...
then the minimum wage in China should be 15.  per hour, not day.  Seattle's should jump to 30 after that.  or 50...
    for example.
    Mean ol' dirty Frisco has a minimum wage, but no one can buy a home anymore.  OK.  let's go socialist here--where i am--and scare the rich folk away.  put a sales tax of 50% on every home purchased by all cash.  applied to the buyer of course.  use it to purchase reasonably priced homes for the poor.
who will have to be people at risk of being deported to cheaper cities via eviction.  first we rescue tenants who live here, as they are our residents who vote and control our democracy
    and increase the asset tax nationally to 20% (instead of less than 1% now) and remove the deductibility of it from income tax.
    raise the rate on the rich and charge no income tax on those making less than 25,000.   
    pay for qny shortages by ending stupid endless wars--now called the State of PermaWar...which i call PerpWar since we are instigating these only for the augmentation of our military industrial complex which has the weirdest most dangerous complex wore than crack i've ever heard of or seen, and then begin to break down the war machine and put all those professional killers we got out there back to work as lumber jacks or sawmill workers or wildlife protectors...since it's a machine we're trying to kill that has no heart no soul and no sense...we'll have to make them work at sensitivity jobs that demand hugging trees avery morning just to make friends again.  tree whispering will be a mandatory training program like work place safety is now.
    you have to get to know treeeees, and Teresa, before you can save them--like the poor, you need to know what they need.
    not war.  for sure.
so with war gone: ahem.  we can afford to pay the poor to go to a way.  the 15 or 30 per hour will give them the curiousity after they rehabilitate their living conditions and eliminate dangerous neighborhoods by eliminating fear for failure, duh! the poor will no longer be poor and will pay something for something they can light and gas and education.  this shall be known as Bubble Up Economic Theory and it will make all of us famous!
     it bodes ill for the hated Laffer Curve--where do they find these guys?
     The rest of the money needed for free lifetime, i say LIFETIME, education, will coe form the excess earnings tax of 90% of any income over one million...and to be sure, a 10% tax on assets over 100,000 which will be the tax free price of a home for the poorest of us. include autos of all kinds and 25% on those that burn hydrocarbons.
     The world makes how much every year? we know the US makes 16 trillion (GDP) and that is 20% of the whole planetary income or World Domestic Product.  So WDP is 16X5 or 80 trillion in dollars. 
     That's a fact.  Here's where number get somewhat amorphous, i.e., assumptions have to be made.  There is aformula for present value of future income--it's way of finding out how much a building is worth. You take the annual income and divide it by the current average percentage rate--that's the red number on your loan docs--including all costs of the loan, don't worry, this is EZ: let's use 5% as average because savings accounts are getting 0.5% if that and my worst credit card which was either Discover or Chase is 24%, but i NEVER go there.  so let's use 5.00.
     when y divide 80 trillion by 0.05, which is five per cent in number language it = $1600 trillion.
     Thus, under capitalism, not god, not scientology not buddha, nor god, nor allah (do not depict), krishna, nor yehweh (don't say that out loud), and not in the interests of Life itself which is priceless or our kids future generation on the balance of thu Universe, the planet EARTH 3rd (or fourth) from the sun, is $1600 trillion US.
     If we tax those assets--and REMEMBER we are not even counting the oceans which are FREE do not EVER forget that, and the uncharted and unreplicatable myriad genetic codes of life forms we don't even know exist yet, which have trademark implications as long as the supremes are insane, and might deform our analysis here, legally if not logically, etc., and using just what we know we know now to keep it simple--2%:
we will get $12 trillion in tax revenue to spread around the world to make it a better place.
     There are about 7 billion people on this planet.  Forget the other planets.  Let's just perfect this one first.
     Half are women.
     Half of those are over 18.  The rest are kids.  more or less. using most difficult way to qualify this idea....
so 3.5 divided by 2 = 1.75 billion women over 18, or adults..., let's hope.
     Now i think these are the most important people on Earth, not because of their power but because of their underrated status as income earning citizens of the Earth and mothers of future generations and their sincere inbred and or genetic proppensity to think of the welfare of others--mopdls all for the communist, socialist, tribalist, hearth and home and econnomic structures of all societies--eco- itself means home in the Greek. La femme is the best side of life we have to offer ourselves: i know. Trust me.  I drove a taxi: women do not rob taxis.  Check out the prisons, way more men in there.  Women mostly, out of all of them work for free!  And more for free than any men ever did. Except killer soldiers, maybe if you wanna look at that as work.  Kiling and destruction is anti-work, actually.  And women are part angel, it's rare you can say that about a man.
    so OK.  We now have 12 trillion US collected from all over the world.  and we have 1.75 billion women to give it to...for whatever they want, desire, need. that comes $7,000 a year?
    Or $666.66 a month for every woman who has spent over 18 years on Earth.
Nice number.

    To increase that to 1,000 tax assets 3%.

why?  if goodness was not enough for you, how about some ECON 101?  Women, esp. poor women tend to spend their income 100%, because nothing is too good for their children.  clothes, doctor visits, glasses, books, shoes, better food, including vitamins and protein---yes, no more stunted growth, no more nutritional diseases, no more unknown degradation of growing up poor.  The home (eco-) with a new plastic or metal roof, windows of glass, a stove, propane or a gas company, water forom a communal pump, pure sanitary water delivered or piped to the homes, millions of them, sewer systems, ones that turn poop into pulp for fields and small gardens, protected by small fences to keep out the rats...rabbits in cages and chickens running free to pcik up insects, anti-malarial nets for sleeping safely under...the list goes on.  and this all month after month with direct deposit check from the World Asset tax authority a UN structured transparent accounting system not i say, NOT managed or partaken in not even 1/10th of one percet by any bank, but all the money sent to local banks that hold the cash on hand for withdrawals by the women only under threat of incarceration, and let the women pay their male cohorts for the wrok they'll want and so they can come home heads up to liv in love and some kind of solf-,ade comfort and joy of watching thier now-healthy children grow up to be better of then they were...for this Good Earth...what more could we want?