Monday, December 14, 2015

Y'know. some signs of mental disability are appearing with too much
regularity for my taste: through-tout society for example:
war without consensus, for one thing.  bailing out crooks for another, but
that is large scale, econos call it macro. on the micro level people still
toss paper and cans on the sidewalk, but the sides of the Hiways are lots
better than in the 60's...there is a fine for that. yet. having lotsa
babies as a method of getting some social security for one's old age is
selfish.  i wonder if Ayn Rand ever thought of that part. or the part of
sheep eating the grass right off the Commons and making it into a sand dune.
   and the green revolution everyone raved about: "The world CAN support 20
billion people, Now!"
   is a farce. it poisons the soil.  dead soils grow nothing.  NOTHING!
and selfishness is primafacie evidence of insanity, at least neurosis, or
partial schizophrenia as are the relentless Xmas songs celebrating the
International Church of Shopapatholics...and i am told that Schizophrenia
skips a generation so that those children of schizos will not know they
carry the evil seed, and will sprinkle the world with more schizos like
their mama if she is indeed schizo.
   is it insane to think the world is going to burn us out and drown us and
the same time, or is it sicker to ignore it?
   if we believe in .GOV and we believe in social and eco-justice and
Zoning, like comm'l and residential and Quiet Hospital and no left turns on
red, then what responsibility do we have to assure a viable and useful
genetic code for future generations to share?  i mean,  we do share our
genes, don't we?
   in at least Sick Dreg.rees of Degener-rations: we do. That's where war
comes from. You don't see lions declaring war.  or tigers. or wolves, or
sharks, vultures, eagles, foxes, rats, only humans.  one
bad gene begetting another, maybe pathogenetic or maybe just better
security for the pretty mamas who want to raise their babies with our fear
of starvation.
   Even viruses are only lost genetic engineers--nature's first--in search
of a home, yet untrained, undisciplined you might say, too  uncouth to make
a pleasant house guest.  we need to throw them a bone of some kind to tame
them. the way our ancestors tamed the wild dogs. to bark when the hongry
saber-toothed tiger came waltzing in...
   i picked up a Marina chick: four of 'em actually, back in '08 (since
then they've migrated to UBER BECAUSE THEY LIKE THE NAME!) and i asked them
why you cuties went out with these drunken over-sexed ego-maniac FIRE
types?* The quickest one answered, "Because they have the money!"
   Tell me that is not genetic.
i see where Monsanto and Dupont might be accused of causing Breast Cancer
as one tiny itty bitty collateral damage of their greedy it
redundant to say that? I could say it twice. you know, if i know, and if WE
ALL know and YER MAMA knows...then the .gov knows and our respected leaders
in myriad universal catholic islamic and jewish Congresses know, and dollar/one vote still kills.  but universal prohibition of "
procreatic" juices in unusual places is still illegal because it would cut
down votes for various gods who rely upon a universally increasing
population for their universal influence upon ALL spirituality. "Every
sperm is sacred!"
   finally, the family farmers of India have found a solution to their, not chicken poop for fertilizer, not deeper wells, not phony
cotton surgical masks--suicide.
   and the farmers of Haiti [used to fighting and dying for their freedom
as if it's part of their own genetic code], have burned the entire Monsanto
christmas gift of those FREE SEEDS of death...i wish i could've poured some
180 proof rum on that fire!

BTW, Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus.   He was just another poet
ahead of his time: a metaphor for the rest of us, about to become
collateralized fallen angels.
   remember, for this Xmas, that Jesus was an uncomfortable & inconvenient
truth-teller for a defective, psychotic ruling class at the time: the upper
10,000 of it's time. the ones that got us to here. thank you and g'bye,
gracias and adios.
   for all future elections write in The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, King
Saud, and the Sultan of Brunei. And let's party on that....for we are the
seeds of truth...and they are making a pile for us somewhere you cannot
read about.
   merry kwanzaa!

Kwanzaa 2015 begins on
Saturday, December 26
and ends on
Friday, January 1
send those dates to every police station in America!

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