Wednesday, July 8, 2020

on the too big words to use:
consciousness is such a big word. like love. ike depression. it is not simple enough to even use.
awareness is knowing. so that is better. do you know? if so you might feel empathy which as Bill Clinton sogamely said, i feel you pain. to be conscious als might mean doing something about it since yo are president. and maybe extending your "feeling" to caring for them. building a clinic a school hospital homes bringing food....and not blowing them up from 30,000 feet as if the poor were the ones taking over the planet...
well they are sort of by the numbers. anyway. ut may ve not for long as Hell and MePretty Hates are building viruses now that will only kill the poor. the New Weird Eden shall be empathy free because everyone there will also BePretty Belinda, and healthy and very rich.
   shedding crocodile tears is not consciousness. fixing it is. give a man a fish? no. teach  him how to fish. yes. so proactivity. is consciousness. teaching is too. nursing is too. most doctors. abbies. bus drivers. the sheer purity of their duties is po-humanity with out judgment. get them better so we can hang them. pure love there.
   you cannot put a dying man in the gas chamber.
    and starving people will steal food anyway they can.  for sure. we have to feel, then think ahead, to be truly conscious.  and this does not even touch on conscience.  which comes from religions that do not know what they ar talking about.  built upon dead bodies from their wars, sprinkling holy water on the slaves ships. crusades. the Inquisition. firing squads for showing an ankle. a head of hair. a face in public. wars. endorsing Hitler, as he begins the killing of jews. jews killing moslem children ... so conscience is not consciousness either.
    i see, i am aware. i am TOLD they are bad people. but i see all kids as equals. way better than grownups. i see children as the teachers of the Earth. and the children teach the Golden rule as grownups defile it. close it off unto their own religion only. 
   We would do better by getting taught by, and learning from, babies.
why N. Korea hates us; when the US bomber pilots came back to base {in Japan} accomplice to mass murder with no qualms, they had un-sed bombs still hanging on their wings. why asked the General? their is nothing left to bomb except rice paddies. "Then bomb the rice paddies!" he screamed at them.
    make them lose their will to fight. via starvation.  USA making friends out there. see the result? 
    a whole lotta love.

Tuesday, June 9, 2020


distractions. my fave thing. love to watch 'em unfold. like who wasn't interested in maria, Oswald's wife...a little bit. or the lady in the white dress w/ the big black polka dots...
    the dancing isrealies of 911.
    the uss liberty. remember the maine...Tonkin...fergit the 4 million dead femmes, hommes,grannies kids dogd goats,the big ox, the cat ...because for what?
    if they ever said why it would be why kill MLK? theguy with the giggies 3 for much hate, then how could you touch him?
    who killed Epstein? we fer shoor know why this time. but why sandra bland? why do suicide cells all have suicide ceiling pipes, two sheets and a chair?

Monday, June 8, 2020

right on...

right on right on RIGHT ON! and POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!! RIGHT ON....

all our hard wok dodging police clubs and figuring out cointelpro to get us out of Vietnam.
who ven KNEW these people before that ugly war. we get drafted to go 180 degrees around the planet to kill 4 million total strangers with someof the prettiest females you'll ever see....and the quaintest culter EVER. you wanna see heaven on earth...check out any rice paddy....the goats the carp the tilapia, the big ox. a couple cows grannies from all sides and your best grrrl cranking out a few little kids to make some noise for ya.
and all we ever did was end the Draft.  now we got a more insidious draft. the draft of poverty. poor boys with bad grades choosing to see the world and then get a scholarshit to city they can still walk.
    very sick DOD, MIC, the lobbyists, the secret police everywhere...the latent fear, as we manufacture terroism upon terroism to terrify and control the American peephole.
i get physically sick pointing this out.  Try Lincoln Park '68 '69 '70.   grrrls cant run faster than cops so they got whacked in the back of their legs...and taken in.  if their BFs turned around to defend her they got beat up by baton and pepper spray all this pain just for trying to save a life in a place you never knew any other reason for knowing about than that we were killing everyone who lived there.
the truth is ALL peoples of this Earth had slaves.  the first ones were las Femmes.  grrrls were bot and sold.
maybe because they were smaller weaker and died in childbirth too many.  extra wives were worth a large price. AND they could hardly resist....unless they were olde tougher and not scared. 12-14 was the most valued.
    In AFrica today the Ibo hate the Hausa, i Nigeria, Lagos, and nearby Benin, Cameroon, Senegal...they fought.
not unlike the Irogouis nation fought the Hurons. Or up Mtn  to Ruanda the Tutsi controlled the more numerous Hutu, until the massacres began a few years ago. today in the South Side of Chicago is pratically a shooting gallery...with some advanced weapons beig used. Black on Black for the Drug zones. They all would take slaves after victories...and so war creaated slavery. sexism also. xenophobia and different languages. cities were crushed in ancient times and religions were begun by slave owners.  Solomon had 1500 concubines. David beat that with 3,000, and those poor angels were not volunteers were they?
    our guilt trip should be over. Amerdricans changed our style as capital made slaves of everyone except the
overseers and the Duke and barons robber or not of the plantation factories.
but now: now we are a democracy. if we can keep it.  and we have laws. those laws are being broken even wiped out. murder is murder and thou shalt not kill.  we hardly kill even serial killers convicted and put in jails for life.  the idea is to NOT KILL.  but fascism obliterates those fine ideas for a right to kill because the overseers are woking for the elites who pay them and arm them and give them permission..because a nation living in fear and doubt and under stress will stay the fucking stupid staus quo and persist in semi-slavery and indentered servitude to a brain deqad ideal which became useless long  ago.
    eliminate racism. ALL lives matter. and then look again at the system with your own eyes. you will see it looks more like a class war. but then it is not either, really: it is a war of hanging on to power perpetrated by the Undead Past upon the Unborn Future. strands of monarchy along with bullying and Chauvinism (to use a current name in vogue) and vitorism, and Capitalism (everyone's whipping boy) are protecting a system that will kill human existence on this planet probably, even as they might be wishing to eliminate only 90% of the rest of us...since they have managed to claim buy or take title to the entirety of land and ideas and what they call property.
    Capital is the capture, of the heads--cap = head in some ancient tongue--and the head of state put his head upon every coin he ever had minted...the capture of the ideas of ambitious experimental curious hard-working and Typical Human efforts we also designate with another foreign word: entrepreeurship.

    we need to change everything.  methane is escaping and if it does it will heat us up so much we won't want to live here anyway.  plant plankton of the oceans produces o70% of all oxygen....forget about the Amazon,,,and if that goes under due to acidification by CO2 falling into the seas. if methane melts fron under the seas where it has been built up for eons in an icy gel or if it escapes from the Tundra together that will drive up temperatures to over 100 F. as the new normal. 

listen to the kids: they know it. Great Greta.  and millions more of us who know....must overcome this eternal plot of human selfishness.  what we need now is common knowledge and common action for a common wealth of homme et femme.  as free as a benign Nature will allow us.

beware the cops until we can begin to disarm and retrain them as EMT's and public servants. it is a high calling and some force of empire has turned it from live to evil.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

t-rump as Shiva

first, we got to think less passive. w/ more alacrity. like i'm doing now, "cutting on the wing."
she writes why the Dems don't really mind Trump, he's perfect target.  Biden being somewhat of a poblem she said. but more stable and subtle they hope.
still there shall be war and poverty and struggle for too many. so i go:

"YEAH. I had the same vision when he took over: lotsa ballyhoo and little action: currently the fleet near Caracas, that did not stop the Iranian tankers. then another fleet in the China Sea, if it is there, not doing anything to piss off China more than a fly on the t-rump.
    I use the  Hindu trilogy to explain more than Christ can:  in it Krishna is the creator, that would be maybe Wilhelm Reich, and Vishnu his one and only son, unless you wanna count all man-kind, the Preserver. who is a darling and has lotsa girlfriends.  that would be JFK, Or Bobby or MLK.   The Beatles.
    finally, Trump himself as Shiva, the Destroyer of Ignorance. Showing us that the best way to do that is by being Ignorance as loud and clear as he can, so the peephole can see it. And the lesson is not lost due to so many distractions. He makes .GOV important again.  WE FEEL something akin to fear, instead of our usual Oblivia, Oblama. WE feel and see the power they have enough to make us cower in a Pandemic of 20% of 1%
that terrifies so many young mothers.
    still the crowds now are blooming and the system is least we are making, or the young ones are, making the elites squirm and think a bit.  This is the Gatesian Dream tho'  This is the Cull.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

response to too much monkey biznest

do NOT prioritize any more. no no no. no mo’...we need to make a massive universal change in Manner of Thinking. outlawing the avaricious and competitive greediness and stress battles that got us to here. AOC reminds me of some clairvoyant who speaks truth almost my her nature. she is sent. from where, i dunno. but anyway, her sentences fall like snowflakes on a pretty Xmas day compared to Trump’s daily torrent of tornados and blown trash.
     We need to stop and think as an entire nation. i can feel the stress of Washington DC on people there. it’s like trying to be one of the cool kids in high school ALL the time. if i was there, elected to that torture chamber, i would feel like i was doing it all wrong if i ever got invited to a party. AT 29 she is remarkable. And her new-found? femme friends like Tlaib et al, [please give me grace not to blame myself for the lack of memory, would be the people i called every night and chatted with, if i was her. reinforcement is tantamount,  paramount, to climbing the mountain of truth to success.
     Luckily the opposition is stupid beyond belief, and the truth will out.
    And yes, i want her to take private transportation to get wherever almost as fast and safely first:
 we should cover this national treasure with the best body guards we can find. i would ask the people who closely backed her from the beginning to join in this when she comes to the Big Apple.
response to Candy:
Yeah...the Fraternity...great choice there.
simple truth rolling out upon us.  thank you.  you're style i can imagine slowly but surely yanking the tears out of the audience
your soft manner.
now! do the other 900 of last year's cull.
more than US soldiers shot in our current WAR. in Afghania.
Becerra was trampled i bet.  his brain locked up. What would Kamala do???  Pelosi?
it's an idiot coverup. i would've let trail-by-jury rule.
even if he was breaking windows--they say--that is only vandalism. 
and does not deserve a death penalty.

i was accused of that some lil ol' lady, and had no defense. there was one tiny hole in her window--it formed a cone toward the inside so had to come from outside. I had to mow about 20 yards to pay for it. 
there were 3 of us boys and they were not my guns.
(only BB guns BTW--so probably unable to penetrate double pane winterized windows prevalent in Chicago area.
we were like 12.  falsely accused by old white lady.  ignorant. or selfishly trying to get a free window.
why would a neighbor call in this one? unless her window was broken. and even so.
was he drunk or something? showing his cell phone seems a normal response to the police.
if we can be shot for some of this stuff we can be shot anytime all the time.
no proof he even broke the window. or if it happened that night.

my poem has words of something like: cursory trials and quick executions.
as long as we let the cops practice upon black males....and one Sandra Bland:
even custody is not safe.
the light from a cell phone is grounds for the death penalty: it looks like a gun flashing?
as applied by covert klans
of frat rats.
Even if you win the (f)rat race you're still a rat.~~ Lily Tomlin.
and liberte egalite & fraternite should be amended to include at least if not replaced, with sororite.
i'm appalled. 
oblivia in a-Merd-Rica.
my femme Doc just went back to Puerto Rico to protect her family from the waves of incoming Puercos Ricos...(rich pigs in Sp)
who want da beaches
if Trump is anything at all positive, he is Shiva, Destroyer of Ignorance.
by way of showing it under spotlights.
Cohen says Trump might not quit the Presidency if he loses the next election.
whose side of that conundrum would these two officers be on?
Sons of Jesus?
Sons of Hitler.

whose crown


Scarsdale, New York, is the richest town on the East Coast for the second year in a row, according to Bloomberg's 2020 "Richest Places" annual index.Mar 3, 2020

People also search for: Bronxville, New Rochelle, White Plains, Rye, Larchmont, in Westchester County

    New Rochelle led the US in CoVid-19 infections for a while there, early on.
huhmmmm...home of patsies who touched too much? Same thing in Wuhan,  actually:
the cases first sprang up in wealthier neighborhoods where people did not like the juicy-wet bloody floors of the Wet Market or maybe even the idea of eating bats.  I know i would not...esp. after this episode. We all talk about nature's vengeance [listen up you oily corpo rats] but what about bat vengeance. We don't bother you, they think, why you bother us? Tit for quid; quid por quo.
Bats come from a city 600 miles north of Wuhan. Bats are eaten in Indonesia sold from same juicy wet floors in their markets. And YET--mystery of god and man---they did not get the virus until everyone else did.
duh. then came Westchester County.
The epicenter of the epicenter of the epicenter progression: New Rochelle: NYC: Bronx/Queens...Brooklyn.
And sabidurians, guess what. the US IS NOT THE WORST MOST INFECTED NATIONAL PLACE....!
The EU is. The cases are slightly higher in EU so USA is in second place. So Siddown MainStreamMedia. You suck for this dis...information. another dumb lie.
Compare US with 330 million people, i guess, maybe, up from 320M to Italy with 50M and we lose. but not per capita. And someone ought to add up the entire EU to see how many people live there...i got 420mm with a cursory glance  beginning w/ Germany with 80M and ending with Poland.
Of course we got more cases than little Italy, which is closer to California 40M, alone...and texas w/ 30M...
to get to 350M in EU you'll need to add in France, Germany (doing very well), Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Spain and Portugal, Greece,  Austria, da Swiss (not doing as well as one would imagine) the Czeczkz, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Irelamd, the 3 Scandinavians, and Poland, so add it all up...[and get to work or take my word for it.}
Go to "worldometer" yer homework.   


    bats do not care. sure they don't believe they were made to be eaten, be sure of that. They could never imagine being laid out on some dripping cold table next to some kinda there's yer Mutt and Jeff, just thimk about it. this is poetry. i'm not really using logic herein. no. because it is logic that got us to here. to a person in office who is so disturbed he cannot say any the same two days in a row.  this insanity made it to the elected top of the Demo-corpo-socio pile. 
    we suck.
     we have to grow. we have to change. we all have to open up our hearts and hands and  minds....and embrace our differences. world-wide. learn the facts the similarities then duping dirty tricks of every version of fascism that is in all of us. and find a way to just let it go and in our hearts, just invite everyone we DON't know over for dinner.

But wait?! i was just onto something i fergit....uhmmm....oh yeah....wanna little conspiracy theory, here's coming at ya: to be smart we have to emulate the journalists.

Who why when where how? 

Isn't that the job description of a good detective? We all saw the movie, and occasionally read the stories that got some intrepid, courageous journalists killed* for their curiosity.*james webb, khashoggi, assange (thank you Obewon Oblama)

And so: Who? here we go: i'm gonna make a detective's hunch--while always keeping my brain open to future insights or facts that might come trickling down...because the bats ain't talkin' and the culprits ain't gonna but someone somewhere knows and will dribble some word like "They''re gonna pull it!'
    and the MSM goes ho-hum...we need, i say, NEED the CIA, which abbreviates the word compania in Spanish where they do a lot of their BS. so OK, i got quotes here galore. and you should hear some of this shit: in case you were't listening for the last 20 years or so. Firsr, G. Bush #1 says,"It's the coming of the New World Order..which means you're either with us or against us."  ooops, or the greatinsight of his son, you could join the Ownership Society."    NWO.
More why. The idea is to recreate the Garden of Eden. without snakes that are not human.
anyway. at least the idea is of a billionaire Heaven right here on Earth. {Where those Big Boyz can use it, of course, extracting all the pleasure any human can handle w/o going insane....although uh-huh...all the rich dudes and their wives and their teen age love birds.  somehow they will need a virus that dodges those teenage  hard bodies...ZOOM here it comes rising...up up and get laid!
   and i wanna plug LeGuin for The Handmaiden's Tale.  AND Fountainhead. for givin' head or the Foundation or Matrix or InTime the movie, at least. or Elysium or Soylent Green....this idea has been Trumped around for decades and might be one of those surrealistic fears uber alles us.
    NuWorldGov. from a plutocracy of hate and love. hate democracy i.e., people, love sex with young ladies. i mean old kids. i mean grrrls from like 12 to 22. It'll be The Epstein gang redux and with nobody to judge or complain or enforce any laws they don't like anywhere on earth. Means that city in the ocean outside of all laws they don't like to spend the money on plus all the workers they'd have to kill after...will not be made. Why should it, if the NWO pop. is reduced to half a billion people and all the wasted lives are scooped up and made into fertilizer for ayahuasca farms...i dunno.
    Sounds like a plan..maybe WHY.

WHEN comes now! or this could be a practice run...for later. royalty....OMG....capitalism sprang out of Monarchy like a raving bastard devil baby, named Rosemary's....and this is where we are now. Baby got 300K for 3rd B-day, thought he hit a triple, and Baby never grew up. Is president. EZ. No prob. Except Prez is CWAZZZEEEE! with perversion and perfidy, narcissism and delusions of grandeur he still won.
So today is when.  How does one object. Our first defense, The Dumbercraps, have capitulated to this faux "royule" capitalism...the 400 year disguise for a ruling house of strong enough to seize everything and kill the squabbling,  squalid rest of us.
Welcome to the New World Senate. Do not forget to bow.
The odds are already against you. here now first. Important are the places where people have enough time to think and read and learn about it. like this 'peace' of your mind i'm appealing to.  The #3rd world is already ready for the Great Cull. They have no chance and anytime will be the good time for the Elite Plutos to disappear them.
     Even the pretty children are polluted there. The fetid are doomed. Nobody wants to save them. And the When/Where is up to the Cruel Ones to decide....they drool at the prospect. The Gods of Destruction are salivating for blood and rape and more blood. But they are being restrained. Whatta way to go! Bathed in blood lust as one lusts for rape.
     The educated upper middle class is only hanging on hooks until they find out and truly believe that they are slowly being boiled alive just like those jumpy, leaping lobsters with pincers flying in Julie and Julia.
    These ones will be allowed to last: how many are there? good Q. i dunno. let's say 15-20% of humanity. so 1.4 billion.  way too many for the planned utopia. But many many lovely daughters per capita.  Clean well-educated knowing more than one local language, as joking around is part of the mystery of sex with "juvies."

    The tropics are mostly 3rd world, thus ignorant. And yet some of the most beautiful sexy sultry places on Earth...and maybe cause of the unlimited birth rate so abhorrent to Plutos like Bill Gates or cous-cous Rothschilds et fils. I often wonder what motivates King Koch and his frozen -hearted ilk: it's a mystery. Insanity from too much too easily. They don't have any idea what it is like to be broke. or if you cashed out you would be after paying your debts.
    Absolutely no idea. And once you are extremely wealthy even if you started poor and made it to the billion mark you forget. Another monstrous part of this equation that never works: is the tiny unknown factoid that many of these semi-human "creatures majeures" are founded or rooted in fantastic government contracts they soon deface verbally in favor of the trickle down laissez faire eco-hell of Freidman and Greenspan and Ayn Rand.  such hypocrites abound. add i Ellison and Oracle. i suppose even Gates and Groves to a much more sick and evil Watsons of the punch card notoriety that kept track of the condemned Jews for Hitler and Germany. The Watsons are IBM, and i wonder now and then if they ever dine with the Rothschilds in Basel. 
    Even Ford played both sides of WWII, making trucks that carried Nazi forces to and fro the various fronts. Ike bombed them near the end. Gee, thanks. At the end. Did he want to wear down the Russian Army more by letting those trucks take more supplies to the Eastern front. i dunno. But After the War The Ford Family sued the US Gov for blowing up their nasty factory(s)...and they won US in court. I don't think we appealed to the Supremes either.
    Pure shit. As so many men left their legs and lives all over the now peaceful EU...

And finally HOW?

The US of A-holes:
When the U.S. biological warfare program ended in 1969 it had developed six mass-produced, battle-ready biological weapons in the form of agents that cause anthraxtularemiabrucellosisQ-feverVEE, and botulism.[13] In addition staphylococcal enterotoxin B was produced as an incapacitating agent.[13] In addition to the agents that were ready to be used, the U.S. program conducted research into the weaponization of more than 20 other agents. They included: smallpoxEEE and WEEAHFHantavirusBHFLassa feverCoronavirus,[36] melioidosis,[36] plagueyellow feverpsittacosistyphusdengue feverRift Valley fever (RVF), CHIKVlate blight of potatorinderpestNewcastle diseasebird flu, and the toxin ricin.[37]

A U.S. facility at Fort Terry focused primarily on anti-animal biological agents. The first agent that was a candidate for development was foot and mouth disease (FMD).[17] Besides FMD, five other top-secret biological weapons projects were commissioned on Plum Island.[38] The other four programs researched included RVF, rinderpest, African swine fever, plus eleven miscellaneous exotic animal diseases.[17][38] The eleven miscellaneous pathogens were: Blue tongue virus, bovine influenza, bovine virus diarrhea (BVD), fowl plaguegoat pneumonitismycobacteria, "N" virus, Newcastle diseasesheep pox, Teschers disease, and vesicular stomatitis.[17]

So, now HOW?
This knowledge does not ever leave any .GOV office, esp. not the CIA, DOD, or maybe some other spy agencies of's impossible to prove. You can only observe and deduce.

No one runs the least no one we know. We get names and the names change and change again. Their lists are long. Phony. Some one in the Deep State has it under control or maybe a committee of men. I would be guessing. 

Other nations have Bio Warfare Labs: France, Germany, and UK. China and Russia. China's main bio lab. the oldest and best one...the know-everything lab, is in WUHAN City, 11 million population. only 600 miles south of the famous bat caves of China. They got a zillion bats up there. Some are 5 feet wide from wing tip to wing tip.
   That city was not the first one to get infected. Why? i dunno. We need more research and China might tell it's side of the story when it needs to. i'd read it.
   Every year China announces a Student award called 1,000 Talents. Could be more. It's just a number/name. A few years ago a woman won for her collegiaate work in micro-biology. She got to go to Winnipeg, where CANADA?! has it's own Biological war lab...
wait i did i....hmmmm....let's look into this lab.

First thing i get to is interesting> But let's think together here. i want you to find, see, and think for yourself. The above only gives general info...and we should be certain that if there is a conspiracy to infect China and the rest of the world, it was done under the most accomplish and strictest secrecy any such agency the wold has ever seen. whether you believe in patsies or stooges, false flags or manipulation of popular opinion or just in GOD, you should know that, like men playing god, they will not often reveal themselves.
    What i see above is that shit is happening which makes other shit possible and that is enough for me. if humanity has a new toy you can bet humanity will use it. and maybe lose it.

This article came out August last year, 2019: in which 3 professors of Micro biology, 2 from Georgetown and one Israeli, proposed that sending the ebola virus to China was a bad idea. Too late. Already gone: i read from U. of North Carolina.

Now please indulge me in the story of Ms Qiu, who may just be the Typhoid Mary of this whole shebang, or the Mrs. O'Leary whose cow tipped over the lantern that began the Great Chicago Fire. 

Ms. Qiu was a 1,000 Talent and was sent to Winnipeg to continue her growth and learn more.  Plenty Chinese citizens in Canada. Mostly in Vancouver, which has more Chinese residents than any Western hemisphere city except San Francisco or something like that.  However, Winnipeg is on the other side of the Rockies from  Vancouver.
Here comes Ms. Qiu:

I must say this report show how things can get somewhat MESSY as some MSM reports [Foreign Affairs]scoff at this "conspiracy theory? as more hysterical bullshit. but i say consider the source. i care that my daughter gets to live in a happier place than we got right now. this is bullshit. Bats have been consumed for dinner for 10,000 yers. they are EZ to catch with a net. they might bite but not if yo whack them first. Bats are consumed all over the place and isn't it conspicuously coincidental that the virus from bats escaped only from the market where the Chinese Biological Warfare lab was located....or was it too obvious to be a Chinese mistake?  i dunno. Think.

These are not stupid people. 

This is not checkers; this is chess.
Bats everywhere. world wide. Even in Texas. Bio labs are capable of yadada, nada baba, only dada.
yeh, we know. So some sloppy Chinese scientist stumbled home drunk from work one day and stopped off to get some bats for din-din and coughed all over the bat juice and the bats and on the floor about them and then puked up his lunch...sure.
Or, there was a kinda mistake: people who eat a lot of bat are immune. No they are not. Oh. Indonesia eats bats. Nada baba. They now trail Holland in cases.

What if those 300 US Soldiers who went to Wuhan for this grandiose meeting of the WORLD Biological Warfare Prevention Club joined by 120 nations last year only like  8 months can i say this....w/o sounding like a crazy  lunatic...what if, 2 or 4 of them were CIA agents from Detrick days who still go to reunions and who need the money because Dirt Trick was closed due to  LEAKS!  YAAAAAH....eek!
    and they dropped the virus into the Bat Vat. for say, HALF a million each.  and voila! off to Monserrat for them! no mo' De Trick no mo'!

So what does this do for who...? but first lets demolish the anti-conspiracy nay-sayers with this one last quote....oh, how i have been enjoying holding on to this last theory:
Cuz..., it's called NEWS!

"Yanqing Ye was charged with one count each of visa fraud, making false statements, and acting as an agent of a foreign government, and conspiracy CONSPIRACY!"
 i read. The statement alleges that Ye “lied about her ongoing military service at the National University of Defense Technology (NUDT), a top military academy directed by the CCP [Chinese Communist Party].”
Also arrested and charged was one Zaosong Zheng, for stealing 21 vials of cells from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston and attempting to smuggle them out of the United States. China...yep.
The arrests came in the wake of controversy over proposals {crying conspiracy no doubt} from the NIH and FBI intended to identify researchers who may have acted against the United States.
These are parts of an article from here:

Didyu mind if i put that in RED?
So the FBI calls it a conspiracy: i guess it's the FBI or NIH doing the arrests. i dunno 'bout the latter. but they called it, by accusal, a conspiracy.
only one thing left to say:
...that is not the conspriacy i'm after. 
And By the Way: Harvard managed the Wuhan Bio-War lab for its first 20 years.  OK? those were rosier times, huh?

i think the stolen vials by Ms Qiu and her friend/hubbie? ought to be part of this whole matter. And if the CIA knew about it. then they could think {and CONSPIRE just a little bit, not too much, to double trick China as this was bound to come out...Qiu was force-ably evicted out of her office in Winnipeg and more or less publicly burned upon the stake like Joan d'Arc as she was deported to her she's gone to China. Oh, please don't throw me in that horrid briar patch! So now we {the CIA} know they have it and what they have: CoViD 19...the product of Winnipeg, Canada and not no NOT the CIA who paid for the whole shebang and really got shafted on this one. not their fault. it's yours. yours and mine for having & allowing the F--king CIA in da first place.

The plot then whirls over to the CIA which drops the bomb that we have this BAT stuff already ready: why don't we send it there and let it out there at the big non-combatant peace conference of non-bio-warfaring nations. yep. 
   now that it will be the same strain that Wuhan has stolen from Winnipeg, and everyone will think it leaked from them and they can be blamed for the whole thing: incompetents with bad stuff in baby formulas and everything...little did the CIA know that it would spread,,,no wait...ostensibly, but in reality they want it to spread to insure fear and national angst over loss of jobs and all that evil driving us closer to totalitarian state of confused and despondent citizens ready to line up for Woolsey's Machine** and all of us blaming our own selves for not believing in something or other strongly enough.

** Oh yeah, that one's another story. Just you wait.

That is the conspiracy. It's not the rapture...and maybe never will be. But it is something along the lines of a conspiracy as so named and charged by the FBI, and stretching us all to the breaking point.  26 million unemployed. economy stalled to the point of Blue Skies not seen in CALIFORNIA since the conquistadores.

and a prep for the Really Big Cull...still on its way. A practice run. China"s fault.

hey man! that'n worked out so well let's mix up ebola with corona and see what happens then! yeh, but where? oh. let's better thimk on that.

da jist of it: i.e., the back story:
Why would Canada be making WTFk-19 0r 20 attack viruses like CoViD-19 anyway? Who ya gonna attack wit dat? Iceland? You want Greenland; we know that. But they'd kick yer ass...unless you spray'd them with Covid. But hell on Earth! Canada as we know it is all about peace on Earth..unless dragged by US "interests" into Iraq or some such foible. AND...more importantly....their Biowarfare lab, in Winnipeg, should simultaneously be making a counter-virus or vaccine as a fail-safe for their/our...uhmm, aggressive werk.
   OK? Get it?You CANNOT be tossing Mass Death around like a toy w/ Chinese spies coming out of every lab in da world.  Mostly in US, BTW.  We got like 6 to 12 of these plants depending how many are in colleges and how many in high schools.  oh joy. this new tech called CHRSPR (sic) makes genetic engineering EZ if daddy has a basement he don't use.
   ...and all this without a vaccine or counter virus.
    [WE have within every human cell a handful of friendly viruses that will try to destroy unwelcome (their decision) bacteria or viruses.] We might end up owing our lives to some apparent quirk of fate like that...but we are all part of awhe hee on planet E.
    Trudeau has a ton of explaining to do. Ulp. G'luck with dat.
    i love that absent minded professor look he'll give us...uhmmm...."we're going BACK to the Future!" WTFkd-up--20 are you kidding?! Who what when why?
    unless they were making it for the USA/CIA/DeepState so Trump is outa da loopy loop...and left in his own. Because i cannot imagine what nation CANADA would possibly want to unleash this on. Who's stupid here? Me or Canada? Their visiting guest so trusted and welcomed, beautiful wedding.  in Winnipeg.  steals some vials on her trips back to China. She has 2 weeks vacation every year and she goes home to Mom, of course...and to Wuhan and to Beijing...for re-indoc. de-brief we say.
    Lil miss sweetness and light. yep. live happily ever after in Canada. Raise big family with expert scientist husband who goes to China with her 4 times i'm told somewhere in all this morass of research i've done. oh joy.
    Viruses are very small they do not need a ticket and China will let her in past guardia civil pass stat straight to the Source of All Power whatever that is. Meanwhile Winnipeg FINALLY starts counting the vials and sees some gaps in the rows.  OMG! SHE'S TAKING THEM WITH HER! They go. [The whole world should drop a fuzzy wuzzy viral bomb on Winnipeg!]. Because there oughta be a law that says IF you make an offensive weapon you also must make a cure or you should get the DEATH PENALTY! There. I SAID IT. LIKE THE WAY CANADIANS USED TO LIKE TO GO TO PETTING ZOO AND PET THE POLAR BEARS!
Like the way they cheered when the Warriors Hall of Famers all fell to injuries.

    Honestly, who is Trudeau gonna drop his new toy on anyway? Bengla Desh?
    My guess is Trudeau is part of the New Weird Order that Geo Bush #1 told us about years ago. And his son called,"TheOwnership Society? Gag me.
    y'know it's so human to make a mistake huh? So what that it kills like 2 million peephole. it's not negligence if you did not know what you were doing?!
    Or if yer trusting a Chinese spy or two who will carry the vials home from the plane un-inspected of course, because she is Chinese people's CIA grrrl of the year club superstar, so far...and she Goes to Market to pick up some long-awaited sorely missed BAT MEAT at el mercado for her auld lang syne longing and her BAT MEAT fix--You even look at her funny, you die! Yanqui dog!
and she fumbles for her money...and accidentally flips a loose vial rattling around  her purse onto the cement, where it crashes open and someone steps on it and someone else and pretty soon  people are sloshing through the slowly running infected bat blood to their homes in the higher echelons of culture and beginning their horrid endings one after another.
   and Qiu herself, miraculously exempt from infection...from so many years of stirring the pots. takes her wet shoes to the house of old friend in the chippy barrios 
where 14 days later or 24 the wonders begin:
   Canadian CANVid-19 hits da street. ANd Ms Qiu completely disappears. One now of 1.4 billion willing and ready...who all want a fridge, a washing machine and dryer and a wall board TV.
   Pure fucking evil and it could only be compounded by us Gringos finding out that Winnipeg was working for US though our beloved CIA to protect and re-enthuse US for more wars...and some plausible deniability for Langley. The ultimate culprit.
   Duh. WHO was fooled again. They thought it was from BATS. How batty are they?  [I mean it was once, years ago; but not now. it's been remodeked into a repeater malignancy of varied nastinesses, not just anti-lungs but also some strokes and intestinal complexities...and certain entry method i dunno that might turn out to evolve semi-annually....etc. 
   So free and independent Canada becomes one of our bungling contractors responsible for killing everyone ooops, or maybe not  --every one-- because some one upstairs DOES have an anti-viral elixir and the famous line of Hayakawa or Hayak da kayak [t'was Fukuyama, among many many others throughout the ages]:  "this is the End of History." Yep. Under da DON. No one around to write about what a shit head he was, is, and will continue to be. And wild, wild horses wouldn't tear us away from these Fkg cowboy-20's. They won't even let us touch them.
the END

PS1~~these guys are not geniuses: they're cowboys with toys and it's NOT true the end is near. Maybe just the end of our F--king prolonged Beginning.
PS2~~disclaimer. This is only a joke. SciFi joking around. ha ha. i dunno nuttin honey. i vas not dere. i only used real names because my creative powers were shattered by filthy evil of this story. and real names are funnier. only joking. this is a joke!
ok. so sue me. i'm oblivious like you


now...i am ratified in a way...slightly more well informed, but equally anti-establishment and perhaps accurate, this comes to the fore: been out a while not no nada never published before that i ever heard of and this from India [i better go lookup the real name:
starts here:

A recent interview with Bioweapons expert Dr. Francis Boyle published by GreatGameIndia and conducted by Geopolitics & Empire, has been exploding across the world the past few days as the truth is emerging on the origins of the Coronavirus Bioweapon.

Francis Boyle is a professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law. He drafted the U.S. domestic implementing legislation for the Biological Weapons Convention, known as the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989, that was approved unanimously by both Houses of the U.S. Congress and signed into law by President George H.W. Bush.

Note: Boyle says University of North Carolina (the basketball powerhouse), and i say Winnipeg, because it's farther from Langley. Boyle wrote the Law of the Universe that no one obeys: that was signed by 129 nations.  pretty good work there. All about how NOT to play with Bio-illogical Warfare. OKAY?!

No excuse note: i also went to the University of Illinois. i did graduate after all. {& Man was that a relief.]

...the Hawk is flying and the snow goes up your pant legs...