Tuesday, March 2, 2010

jimmy.mankind: gulag master

From jimmy to all gulag masters:
Everything is impermanent. impertinent, and either older or raw.
Nothing has intrinsic or inherent reality. love doesn't abother with such distinctions.
All emotions are painful (including love.) all feelings are variations of pain (unless you like it.)
Enlightenment is beyond concept or understanding by the intellect.
Too bad some intelligent lad had to say that. I just about had this life figured out.

These are the Four Seals as taught by the Prince Siddhartha after he became the Buddha - or the Awakened.
Of course, this all depends on what your definition of "IS" is.
We think we know what we know. We have suspicions about what we don't know. We don't know what we need to know. And we now know what we didn't know we know now. Which is:
Do not drink any more aspartame, Donald.

solid dare is he.

No bacon, no bullets, no butter, no beer.
No backup, no bail-out, no bitchin', no bench.
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The Best Of My Life

these days are love
these days are blue
This is when we feel deeply: what's wrong with that?
this is where the march of life has taken us.
this is when we know we know.
this is where know-how pitches in
for sure.
this is when love surrounds us
in its purest form
this is where each word and hug and howyafeelin' ?
really means it.
this is whew! the next hill looms!
and that last one! whew-ee!
this is truly Now!
i like to think with substance all stored up for our use,
i like to think with the track records we have set,
and prior displays of courage
to remind us
how strong and competent we are...
Today is the first day for the best of my life.
i'm working free of me.

Written by:
jimmy.mankind@ gmail.com
(c) 02/10