Friday, August 19, 2016

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i wrote this woman i met recently. an unemployed economist. as am i. we have parallel roots. she made it to Chicago school of Econ disaster Capitalism. i snuck thru a maze of confusion. where i realized Economics was a Religion and not a science.  i became a poet as my personal shock therapy.  Still in shock, i wrote to her:

Can you help me? Remember? 
Goolsbie's messiah?  starts with a P. ( taught at Chicago )
Nor can i.
here is your ultimate mentor, Friedman, 
"Inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon."
— Milton Friedman, 1963.[51]

Sheeeesh: what is wrote last week on this was that if money always loses purchasing power (inflation) and the Earth stays the same, size-wise, pretty soon, or at least someday, the pile of money needed for a loaf of bread will exceed the carrying capacity of the planet...sooner or later, so...
Friedman, who died mercifully at 94 in Frisco, ugh, maybe our greatest day, would turn over in his grave.  Hayak also.  and Schmidty and Heidegger, for if money is based upon debt as it is here and in EU. then each dollar is discounted by a certain percentage, for skimming by the 2 big 2 fails...enumerated at the FED by its posted 28 members...and thus prices will always go up. so what? you might say.  well. the rich, say: the Upper 10,000, already own 90-something % of the Earth.  yes they do. and so for what do they need mo-nay?  no reason. all they need now are bullets and the willingness for 1/2 the poor to go out and kill the other 1/2...and, after burying the bodies, another 1/2 to go out and kill half the remainder.  hopefully by that time the people will all wake up and, hungry as they will be, go out and eat the rich.
then we can build up a currency based upon the blood sweat and tears of the poor.

so what it is? hayak or keynes. you chicago, immersed in the ghetto of ghettoes, or me illinois, surrounded by corn...

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Without wisdom knowledge is robotic: tech is left brain fascism uber alles.
If it ain't growing it's dying: old business saying for corpo-world mentality.
In real life all growth has limits. See Macy story.  A bit smaller might even be better for investors--AND the planet.

These four stories, even only their headlines, make a story. one might call it found poetry, if it wasn't too strange. In Cyprus a couple years ago, banks declared all depositors to be investors. meant that should the banks go under by making bad investments of its own it's investor/depositors would have to share in the losses. now these:

Greeks will have to declare to tax office even cash below 100 euro: More than 8,500,000 tax payers registered in Greece will be called to declare all moveable and immovable assets, their total "wealth", and even cash they possess even if it is below 100 euro.

Profits Plunge, Sales Drop at Macy's. Slashes Jobs, Closes Stores. Stock Jumps 18%: Brick-and-mortar retail sinks artfully into coma.

Wisconsin National Guard ready to confront protesters in Milwaukee:
The US state of Wisconsin has activated its National Guard to assist the Milwaukee Police Department in the wake of continued protests against police brutality in the city.

Hillary Clinton's 'Erratic' Behavior Raises Eyebrows: What's going on with Hillary Clinton's health? That's a question many people are asking these days. There's a lot we still don't know about the mysterious health scare Clinton was hospitalized for what was later described as a blood clot on her brain.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Orlando and the Dawn

It’s too soon to know whether Sunday’s Orlando incident was terrorism or false flag deception.  Yet it has distinct earmarks of the latter, likely the latest example of domestic state terror, anoth...

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Just in case there is anyone left who does not know how this covert Handler/Patsy system works,
here's how:
   it's like Hollywood. You're making a movie. Every one is different. Yet every one of them is the same. The model is Oswald. This must've been going on for centuries.

Handlers are looking for stooges or patsies who are mental, in the depressed, bi-polar, roller coaster way of Wayne's Worlders everywhere:
when they find them, by covertly posing as Moslems in Mosques, or from reports from social workers, they sort them out and begin the manipulations. They make friends with them and supply them with books by mullahs and/or other desultory rebels from the madrassahs or from internet connections of various fundamentalist factions.
   As time goes by these spies, working for CIA or JSOC or DIA stables, can supply the patsy with weapons or bombs as they may need.
   Then the target is selected, and the event pulled off, with info given to police just in time to kill the perp if he is hesitant to do it himself.
The ISIS and al Qaeda penchant for suicides makes this part easier than the classic case of Oswald and Ruby who both had to be killed to eliminate any further investigation.  That one worked so well they used up the 19 hijackers on 911 in similar, much larger version.
   You may have you own opinion on what happened there. Your opinion is a good as anyone else's just as long as it is not the same as the "official" version. We have no time to get into it here.

   In Orlando, the case is full of unanswered questions. Omar Mateen was known by many to be a wife beater. Yet he qualified for purchase of assault weapon and tons of ammo.  Plus a 9 mm. gangsta gun that shoots like 14 bullets or so.  this is Crip and Blood territory.  Then we find out he had frequented the club. he had (at least tried) to pick up men there and on the internet. they say. and his victims will all be gay or LGBT in some way or their straight empathetic friends. Maybe he was ashamed of being gay. maybe he could not get a date. maybe he was duped into thinking his mom and dad would get a million dollars each...maybe they did.
   This is more appealing to Handlers more than say, blowing up a bank in someway as yet unknown to us. i just can't figure that out for the life of me...(i wish i had not said that last part). Nor at Walmarts. Catholic churches, baseball games, football, or rock and roll concerts in parks or out there someplace.  not so much. MOST of the general public attacks are designed to inflame prejudice and fear in favor of increased militarization of our society.  Fear breeding fascism.
   Lack of evidence leads to xenophobic assumptions and jumping to conclusions, and is guided by our leaders nowadays, towards a herd-like mentality marching dully into a police state.
   Clues for this are the patsy being too broke to buy an assault gun: what $500 up to $1500, and cartons of bullets...then the slow unfolding of normal police interventions, or a simple distraction drawing them some place else...a really big clue: the passport in a car that is full of boxes of grenades or bullets or paraphernalia for reading Zarkawi or somebody like that. A membership card in the Atlanta Wife Beaters Club. Maybe a pullover black knit face mash thing forgotten in the nervous rush of going off to murder...Puerto Rican gays to be the majority, or plurality of the victims--who cares about them, and this might shut up some of the Free PR Folks in some way.  The banks are in the process of doing to PR what they just did to Greece.  
   And oh yeah, Brazil, and Argentina, and Venezuela, and Russia a bit, Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan and iraq for 15 years, and closing schools in South Side Chictown, and all the other mass serial killings, where none of the shooters are ever caught and interviewed...except for Chapman, and oh, Squeaky Fromm.
   Even the James Wilkes Booth story has holes in it. Lincoln was printing dollars, and they were accepted by the people, backed by the blood sweat and tears of the people, the soldiers and the dead from the Civil War.  Not backed by gold, held by the rich, nor IOUs held by the banks, not by grace of the Rothschilds, or London or Wall street. think about it. Less than 50 years after his assassination, the FED was secretly formed, on Jekyll Island off S. Carolina and passed by congress the day before Xmas and signed by a foggy regretting later, Wilson, who would then use his new powers of debt management to give us the war to end all wars.

i am just saying...not to believe.  do not believe anymore. not in anything. no MORE BELIEF.  From now on we need them to show us. pretend we're from the Show Me State. Sate me with the truth, and prove it.  no more secrets to be opened in 40 years

Plus, what are we all so paranoid about, hiding our messages to each other, refusing some that might draw attention. These kids and islamists, and creeps don't care and the FBI lets them go right on with their evil plots.  they get money from somewhere to live well enough and they get bullets: i have to look u just how much it cost to to kill 49 and wound 53 active young men...people who are on the fringe of our society...for cops are going to HURRY to their defense....but how much did it cost, and how long did it take? how did this guy  get an AR-15 plus 9mm Glock and over what 400 bullets?

and then have the hutzpah to call 911 and tell us all just what he was about to do...!!!


Friday, March 11, 2016

....waiting for god or dough.....