Sunday, July 28, 2013

poem for a cell phone

poem for a bad neck

for jessica, who is always in good spirits!

turn over!   yeah.   
sleep on the other side.   
get a new pillow 
if you got one now, burn it!
quit golf.  drink jack black...again.  
wake up every 2 hours and put yourself on the other side.   
be like Condi, never look BACK!
   walk softly, but keep it even.   
Don't drive.   
sleep in the van.   
get a puppy.
(or a monkey)   
play on the slide.  
play on the side
swim more.   
try breast strokes.   [ask first]
   go down.  y'know how!
   do not be shy.
do not eat fish anymore.  
no shrimp either.
no ocean crawlers, 
no late night stallers,
no conglomerate ballers  
no duck no oysters no clams
no crabs.
no sea gulls.  sea gulls eat garbage and fish.
drop yer cat off in Vegas and see if it finds you again.   
if it does,
put your neck on the cat.  
wrap the cat around your neck.  
    use vanilla rub body heat, at Rainbow and helath stores near you.   
no needles!  use accupressure! 
forget real pressure: life is fake.
sit up straight or don't sit up at all.  
lie down a lot.   
try thinking in total silence.   
talk to the birds.   
do not look up! it scares them.   
you big lug.
don't eat them.
    no bacon no butter no beer, 
    no back up no bailout no bench!
keep on keepin on
don't stop
when ya do stop ,
start up   >>>>>>  
do it now and do it later.   
[it just wasn't good enough]
it's never good enough
poems are never done.   
so don't get excited.   
getting excited is one of those changes 
we who would change the world have to make.  so...
start over
life is starting over.
go see 20 feet away...and, this is the end.
yer neck will get better