Saturday, February 25, 2017

do you ever, ever wonder?

   Is this cogent to you? are you sure? are you convinced or dubious? do you wake up somber or rejoicing? is it possible we are on a road to mass suicide? do we wonder?
are we lucky to be here? or are we captives? do we seek enlightenment or are we satisfied? where is god in all this? is god the same as nature? is nature pissed off at this it's premier award-winning species? or do we quake at quail? do we know when we win the rat race we are still rats?
with all this talk do we even know what love is? is love selfish? is love a giving gift a piece of kindness wafting on our minds and never acted upon?
how big can love grow? past one person, past a child. into planet and nature and oceans and mountains and past greed and theory? into actions and fact?
what about equality? who said we must have the poor and they will always be with you? why so? and why must humans follow rules made for nature's own animals always seeking today's meal, and this night's shelter, and wondering if natzure can wonder, why life has to be a quest for truth when truth is not very well concealed in the basic human family....from each according to their ability to each according to their needs?
and so homelessness in more places by standards we have come to accept, is more common than homes, as Basel cleans it's sewers with modern scrubbers attached to huge water hoses carried on trucks....while most of humanity does not even know what a sewer is...a ditch full of evil mosquitos. flies on food and feces with equal abandon. rivers of sickness, and the air, the air, running out? like the water? as the seasons burn out and the MULTIPLE races we are one of as the HUMAN race weakens and gradually goes insane?
does anyone else see this?
does anyone else wonder, if the oceans get past a certain acidity, the plant plankton might die less years than a baby goes from turning over to toddler, and the plant plankton make 70% of the world's free oxygen....and the value of O2 will go up as it disappears in nature and only those who burn Carbon to make CO2 and electricity at home will be able to make enough O2 and hydrogen to breath and fuel their cars...oh joy...if only those electrons will all come from sun and wind...only if we can ever get used to wearing oxygen packs our limited concepts of ever and ever get vastly expanded. under duress? do we wonder?
for if we cannot save the trees and the people we love and the oceans that cover 70% of the Earth Mother we need and love and want as our ALWAYS AND FOREVER only home--welcome to Mars! go take it over...with yer wasted billions...and other galaxies....oh whitewash my brain with your glories and distractions! do you ever wonder if you are wrong? all safe and secure in your ownership society? guarded by pitbulls your child cannot play with guarded by robots that might run off at the mouth of their machine gun if the intel inside gets too hot from the sun....
it all boils down to kindness and our great religions are supposed to be love.
amen don't mean ALL men. woman means "of" man in the antiquated etymology of the empire language. and Our Only Mother is Earth and her daughter is Gaia in whose thin film we live....and god is either dead or drunk.
by some standards a "good" man...that...One...ese.
~~jimmy, gracias al leer.
these words presage the coming massacre at Standing Rock: