Saturday, December 26, 2015

conspiracy theories are relative

Conspiracies abound in human condition!  News headline from Truth Pressing In on Us Press.
if we are talking about chinging da system da system would call it conspiracy 
by virtue? of the tiny unread codicil they have attached in the small print: 
confidential talking in restraint of trade is what they already do 
(although they are ostensibly working for us) yet, they add on,
 "designed to bring down da system."
    as if that should be illegal at all.  da system was once illegal.  under the CATHaholic MENpire in the not so bright ages Jews were illegal.... well, lookit 'em now!
    does the tail not wag da dawg? i don't have a dog in this hunt. i just wanna visit Rome or Spring Hill or Baghdad or Lahore or Calcutta and stay in someones' house and maybe go to a party and sip tea with the citizens (whoops,my bad, can we still use that word?!)
   i just wanna get to know someone i'll never understand
   even here in Frisco where people gave me so much last night....i got at least 4 ten dollar (US) tips. without which i would
not be here right now.  
how tensuous is that? because my blood is money is my blood money now. 
i am greening and growing money scales of old bank scripts from the 1850's 
which is the main reason gold looked so good to peephole.  
bankers have always been the evil ones. 
since GeeSays.   anyway.
    now the moneychangers are writing the new conspiracy laws based upon their new world religion of money as illusion is real. 
    and real means royalty in spanish.
we should go back to the granaries: use wheat and rice and corn and salt as money...
no.  maybe Gluten.
then peephole wouldn't want it so much.
we could use houses: they're real.

here's a ten spot lien on my million dollar home, how bout breakfast? 
the restaurateur gives it to the chef.
the chef cooks.
he gives it to his wife.
she buys the kids some shoes.
years later someone gives you your ten dollar lien back for changing her tire on a lonely country road
where money has not invaded yet.

the trees are paper in the rough.
paper money even.
man, if trees could laugh,
we would not be able to hear ourselves think.

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