Saturday, March 4, 2017

THEY SAY YOU CANNOT ARGUE WITH SUCCESS. They say failure is it's just dessert. 
but i say success is the only thing you can argue with.  since failure tends to go away by itself.

like Truth, which morphs as we learn more. the earth is flat, oops LOOKS  flat, but is round.
so. to be realistic and more efficient we should spend most of our time combating various Truths, not lies:
lies have already elected nefarious people with devious minds.  but,
we hear new alternative truths daily, promulgated by known liars,  like 
balance the budget, drain the swamp, more alligators less monkeys (even as is was the monkeys that got Mr. Skim elected), 
Mexico will pay for it: even tho' people are fleeing Mexico, because, 
it is so kleptocratic all the money is gone and the people there have so little future, that, 
they vote with their feet. And/or, lie #2, which is, 
Our defense, which is offensive, is decrepit,
even tho' we already spend as much as the rest of humanity put together (or torn asunder) 
and more! more lies! rain down, than true truths.  
fake truths are worse than fake news.  because news gets older faster.  
truths are meant to endure. lies to simply get through the moment, the moment, the moment....
In 1984 weren't lies to become truth and truth to become whatever we lie. well, it's 2017 and here we are.  
wat up wit dat?
People who cannot vote vote with their feet.  the real problem with Mexico is not here in the US.  it is in Mexico.  the cartel wars are scary. but they also destroy investment and jobs. the battles wipe out funds for education, and the people have no health care. indios are shunned by society, and mestizos are denigrated.  only the upper criollo class has any say or assets or equity in econ 101 or .gov or the church.  go to the Zocalo and see the 4 branches of  control uber alles there.  prez, la camera, corte, and church.
    meaning the people are outnumbered 3 to 1.  the austerity of NOPE is normal in Mexico. any trety made with that nation is made with kleptocrats who steal everything from the land and people. every opportunity is subsumed to the rich.  even home loans are a recent invention there. maybe 50% loan to value. it takes years for theaverage man to build his home, step by step.  one, foundation, if yo can own the land free and clear title. next year, walls, third year roof, then you put the oldest boys there to guard the property as if it was a home. because the next things to come will be stolen if left out.
themaquiladora idea died out in murder capital of the world Cuidad Juarez.  1,000 young women disappeared. some at least in weird ceremonies in circles in the desert. torture cases, rape and murder.
   corruption in police and gov't officials, la morbid as a way of life, equal to our "grease" or Indian baksheesh, etc.
   work in Juarez or here, where care and law and salaries are more or less guaranteed.  Seattle @ $15 an hour vs. Mexico @ $15 a day being a good job.
   theidea of NAFTA told to the rest of us, was to make Mexico like the USA, but it had the reverse effect.  could that be so stupid? as the creators of our treaties are Ivy League stooges of Rockefellers and Rothschilds and how could these emperors and lackeys make such egregious mistakes....unless they did it on purpose.
    oh so sorry .  my bad.  how could it say such a thing?
    and Ukraine is NOT a CIA/US state dept. color revolt gone bad.  it's come to this: skinhead proxies. and fake walls.

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