Saturday, May 27, 2017

i thought the game was over.

when i woke up this mornin’...i thought the game was over.

when i woke up this mornin’ hurt somewhere indecipherable to turn my ass from right to left.
when i got up this mornin’ knees went ouch! as i rolled up outa bed like i done a couple dozen thousand days before... yeah...
then i looked in the mirror to find out i was uglier than yesterday,
no where near 21 anymore.
when i woke up this morning i was old. 
so i went out for breakfast, like i did so many times before.
and the place was Saturday morning at a home away from home called Tyger’s Restaurant...full of mom’s and dad’s with little kids in tow.
as i observed the flow of life coming up through the dream s and needs and wants i remembered days gone by…

it was the children: same as always.  no change there. 
(or do they know somehow that this is an emergency
--they’ll of course not have the words for)?
they came in in waves...i enjoyed the sweet parade.
i forgot that i was too old when i woke up this mornin.
and i felt i had time on my side.
my mind rolled back to yesterdays long gone.
and i thought there might be only two things you might 
want to say 
to yourself 
when you feel old and tired (and in the way.)

first: that it’s good to think you don’t want this to stop.
second: you would not at all mind to play this one over
again from start to finish up to 
what’s yet to come.

when i woke up this mornin’ 
i had no idea i’d feel so young:
when i woke up this mornin’…
when i thought the game was over.
now the BEST day of my life.
my play at life was a simple string of miracles
no doubt...i was confused a lot.
miracles aren’t that easy to digest.
to wrap your baby brain around.
you guess.
and each day is blessed
with truth and love and fear of failure
when all you get is this.
tomorrow never gets here.
it’s just another splendid 
way to play.
up there, over those mountains. once so dark 
so foreboding.
…here comes the sun…


[this one is for meghan and the kids.]

writ may 27 2017 & i a.m.

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