Saturday, May 25, 2013

system is da problem...

system is da problem. 

We cudda had it all,
But we could never get enough.
We clothed ourselves with 
The Pelts of Torture.
The warmer we made our bodies,
The colder we became inside.
We always took “No!” for an answer 
from corpo-rat un-persons, systemic immortals that could not say yes…

Humans are the canaries in their own 
coal mine.  We have run out of songbirds 
long ago.

We’ve been dancing on our tomb. 
We’ve been decorating all the coffins…
for the living.

You cannot change da system from within because da system is da problem: 
They are like the doctors in the death camps:
Saving the babies only for them to be
executed later.
We are mosh pit bulls dancing in our crypt…as if celebrating…
the Dis-Inheritance of the Meek.
We are nothing more than a big fat Banana
Republic…with a more sophisticated style of corruption.
We believe in our Economics as if they were religions.  Yet religions are political.  Whereas, Real Politik is the economy, stupid!  And has become a business.  
Evil is live spelled backwards:
Our money is an illusion, yet we believe money is the god of all things.  
Our constant growth is Gaia’s cancer.
Dead Zones define the oceans, our fields, and our brains.
Fields of Grass can kill you.  Arugula is the new Geiger counter.
A class war takes up our attention, but it is not as advertized—right and left have merged in an attack of Medieval Memorium, Promulgating their Undead Past upon our Unborn Future.
The Occupy movement is a passive placement within the unjust laws of the land.  It is the current powerful counter-attack by a  self-ruling, cooperative, irregular, and poetic right brain gauche against the linear right hand thuggery of rule by Greed….
You cannot work for Change within da System because…
da system is da problem

Part II
Until now, anarchy has always been the province of Finance, Oil, and the War Machine.  Now it also belongs to any MBA, CIA, and any Type-A, straight-A, anal compulsive, A-hole Alpha Dawg
[not ashamed to kill] Aligned Against 
the rest of us…
They want us to have a Cause to cramp our style, confining discussions to their chosen  issues to lock debate into the adversarial rationalizations of da system attempting to create compromise, even if rarely achieved, whereas constant trials at compromise only compromise the Truth.  
In this way LIES GAIN parity with Truth.
[Imagine negotiating the definition of fraud: When, quote, “it can’t be fraud, if we didn’t know we were lying,” is our leaders’ salient defense.]
No one could have imagined them turning planes into missiles…we have to look forward not back, sayeth the prosecutor….
You cannot work for Change within da System because…

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