Sunday, October 9, 2011

Undoing 500 years of perfidy should take a few weeks.

It took 500 years--basically since the discovery of new world gold by the Spanish, for capitalism to develop. Where a group of people, with money or gold, could band together without any liability, for the sole purpose of making more money. Some say the first corporation was the British East India Company and/or the Dutch East India Company. [Monarchs had always done this for themselves as they realized the need for money, to maintain their power over their subjects and to defend their Aristocracy from other monarchs. But that was a sovereign or national dictatorship, not at all democratic.]
Every human structure has the same problems of order and rules of order.
Most of them replicate each other as communism copied the corporate structure: CEO/dictator, Supreme Soviet or Board of Directors, shareholders/party members, and customers/people. The big difference--which concerns us--is nin the amount of freedom of the people to dictate to their leaders and define their own freedom.
What i saw yesterday was evidence of that eternal strife, or stress. We all know how easily that can be polluted by a few power-hungry, over-eager, well-intentioned, ego-centric, Type A, Straight A, Alpha male, a-holes, who will devise methods to shut up the peephole.
We need to call a meeting of ideas. And of re-recognition of the principle of non-manifesto, if that is the way we go. I think that won't last long because everyone asks, "What's it about?" And this ain't Seinfeld--it's not about nothin'. They want concrete answers not philosophical theories. But i am still unsure on this...would some causes defy logic, or alienate many special interests?
Yet, can't we say some of major big ticket items like NO more war--blaming a whole nation of men, women and children for the acknowledged actions of a handful of terrorists, I'd rather surrender and let our melange of pandillistas pick them off one by one in Chicago and Cleveland. I always welcomed the Russians but they never came: as a kid i offered up the idea of letting them try it for a while instead of dropping the big one in Lake Michigan and making us all radioactive. They'd just just have to wait a thousand years before they could come over and take all our jobs and use our steel factories for the same things we had wanted them for.
They would have had to marry bossy American girls (by now strangely deformed) who all wanted their own cars. And a hose in the Now we have a new/old movement. It cannot be the same ol' same ol', because we all know that the system is the problem. So we cannot use the same exact menus and ingredients of the system to change the system.
We can't match 'em in raising money, for example. Or by hiring liar politicians who blow dry better than we do.
We have to trash it..trash it gently. One way is to make a new consensus--a consent--that is more fun. I would like the new world order to reject order, and orders, in general. Let's try laissez faire democracy for example. If we decide to put a lifespan on corporations and to burden them with our own responsibilities, like Not being able to BUY one another or merge (marry) in multiple marriages or to eat another corpo-buddy like they are so wont and meat to do. Just like invention rejects the outmoded. We could call it the new world, or part-world, playground. If anyone doesn't object too much to certain rules...we could keep some, say, about not taking over the swings by the big kids. Uhnt-uh. And if we could keep the idea that everyone carry water and chopping enough wood or solar or wind turbines to keep us warm all winter. Self-respect is not always present in everyone. Somewill leach, others will party liike Pan.
Yet we have to be Pan-humanity. So we might look to nature to see how long this will take. WE might even call it a New World Ecology for Humanity. We are a species without a home without a constant format for living--we're ADAPTABLE...when things don't go our way, we can learn how to change them.
AND we can never quit. They are gong to cull us matter what we do. There really is no choice on this matter. In order not to want to quit we can arrange to be having more FUN. That's why i suggest the Concensus of Fun! We need to like each other better. Love each other as we learn to know each other. Trust in the common wealth...and the natural replication of human needs and wants all over the planet.
Square one tells us we need to love Gaia first and last and always...because She makes our existence possible. There can be no vacillation on this one. Any alteration of Gaia must demand a rational and scientific Proof of the impossiblity of damage to her sanctity. Reparations are not possible when Gaia is harmed, so the smallest despoilation must be prohibited.
We could make Life our religion. Something we could bring down to Earth and use for a change.
Here then is the beginning--inevitable it would appear--of an abhorent but necessary and conspiratorial (we shall have a plan after the fact anyway) manifesto. It is manifestly obvious that One, we are going to have fun doing this--the most fun of anyone, so everyone will want to be a part of it. And Two, we shall be open to change, evolution, inno-vention, and improvements (that are checked in with GAIA first), and that our overall, over-riding function is to save the planet for the habitat of all future generations, the preservation of species, and the sanctity of all the ecosystems, on air water or land.
The Occupation is our new life system, way, style, TAO, religion, politik, body work, thought, love, knowledge. it is us planning to stay.
To quit is to die off or be culled.

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