Monday, May 24, 2010

Obama's tautological error.
That's right i said tautological. Because when Obiwan, you are our only hope, speaks, it's always the same ol' same ol'. He tends to repeat some amorphous vagueness similar to a Brave New World Order. Party like it's 1984. There are something like 26 permits by now for the same ol' deep dish pizza, i mean deep water oil rig drilling that we have seen bubbling up in the form of a gusher...that's right, everybody! A gusher! let's dance under the black rain's a-gonna fall. We got us a gusher!
WOW, let's do the ARCTIC!
Salazar has the momentum. He's feeling it now! On Friday he will decide whether or not to open up the Arctic for deep dish...i mean, deep water drilling. And from there all the way across Alaska to ahhh, uhm, er...Valdez, by pipeline for transfer to ocean going tankers. Failsafe!
Who wants to ride this bomb waving their cowboy hat?
Now let's turn to state banking: bet you can't wait.
What are the chances of state banks getting going full speed if this much inertia is packed up in the oil industry? We shouldn't even be looking for more oil! We should be experimenting with wind and solar as if we were in a survival space race.
But we're not.
Money is bigger and more powerfully entrenched than even oil is. Along comes our little banks. 50 of 'em. And so many billions are to be syphoned off from Wall Street back to the People's Banks? This is the fight. The problem is not how does it work: the problem is will they let it work?
There is no way BP knows how to plug this gusher. Never did never will. They are lost at sea. What happens if they cannot plug it? Will they EVER destroy this well? The government is totally corrupt and yet it must be charged with this task. Before any more oil wells are drilled or any more economic power drifts to Wall St. Same exact deal. The Big Banks, the TBTFs, are drilling into our economy to maintain a dysfunctional inertia of elitist plutocractic piracy. Same way the oil companies trash the planet to augment their income only.
For a state bank to be viable we shall have to eliminate the corporate legal structure completely.
Remember your comparative economics: a corporation is a Stalinist, or Maoist, communist dictatorship with only one goal in mind. Money. Plus acquisition of the power to keep it that way. The only difference between corporations and communism is the slightly more permissive manner people can quit. You try to climb the wall from within the USSR, you die. Quit your job, you lose your retirement, pension, health care, whatever...and you're on your own. May be a big deal or not. The point is that the CEO is beholden to no one until he opts for his golden parachute, and so is a dictator.
All these many corporate dictators are aligned against state banks. There will be more the closer we get to reality. So far this project has slipped under the radar. So it seems to me we have to capture the public's attention and play the change-the-economy card. This is the coming of the age of altruism anyway, so we might as well ring the bell for it. It's coming in anyway.
But these are the Death Throes of Capitalism.
Oblama's big reg. on banks is gonna be a Big Deception.
Same for oil. It's going on now. More drilling is on the way. Plus clean coal--that oxymoron.
Think about it.
If we let free enterprise go and grow alongside state banks (because state banks are benign) then we can and should kill the big conglomerate holding companies once and for all time.
That is the fight.
Corporate capitalism has to grow; Gaia feels that growth like a cancer eating away at Her ability to sustain us. She'll have to act. She be forced to kill us all for the blatant selfishness of a few, the pluto-klepts. So Obama has to decide: is he with us or agin us. Oh, that was Bush's line, remember? How they turn everything around 180 degrees?
The test case is upon us. Full blast.
...even Iran offers help... did Cuba before.

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